Five Best Wedding Ideas for Subtle Couples

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These are the people who want everything simple in their lives, be it their big day. Subtle couple opts for a casual though memorable wedding. There needs to be a balance between grace and fun. Over the top wedding is a strict no-no for this laid-back folks. Below listed concepts are some unique ideas to make these couples and their guests happy and satisfied.

Refreshments to Be Served at the Pre – Ceremony

As soon as the guests arrive for your wedding, you may serve them a glass of champagne, an interesting cocktail or a non-alcoholic beverage. Nearby the ceremony spot, you could set a tea and water station so that the guests may be refreshed without moving much. Some bottle openers or any other adorable koozies can be added to lighten up the subtle festive mood of the ceremony.

Go Green with Creative Wedding Style

Give a break to the ‘so common’ floral arrangements at your casual wedding. Try making a statement by a haven of nature with all those green spaces, if required a small share to the blooms. Furthermore, this eco-friendly concept will also turn out to be much cost effective, by passing over the flowers. A novel way of green centerpieces, ceremony backdrops and bouquets can be tested. They could be as simple as garland made of rosemary, eucalyptus or an iconic olive branch.

Unconventional Location

You will feel most comfortable and peaceful at any relaxed location of your choice so that you can feel you fullest all by yourselves. Think out of the box while opting for the location of your big day, rather than merely going for the traditional ones. It could be your parents’ home, a private beach, a local museum, a favorite restaurant or even at a tree house!

Interesting Seating Arrangement

Different from the normal thoughts, a seating arrangement can be as creative as of the wedding party dresses. Mixing up of textures, chairs, and colors can be done as you wish for your casual ceremony, and for that don’t have to hold up for the reception. For a cozy feel, you may gather all the chairs to a single room, so that you may socialize there. If a natural landscape is your wedding location, try laying a blanket down in the grasses.

Creative Signposts All around

Your wedding décor can be personalized with your taste by displaying out various interesting hoarding in the premises of the wedding location. They have to be enough eye-catchy in order to cast the attraction of the guest. The signpost could be of anything like that of a welcome board, any instructions or just a random quote. They can be further brightened up by setting up neon lights or just hanging the signs in a wooden plank. This has an added benefit as you may take that creative piece to your home to cherish your sweet wedding memories.

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