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Choosing to conduct your wedding party on the beach is a great idea, as it will add a lot more color to the party than a normal wedding. Besides, there is room for a lot of creativity if you choose to conduct the wedding on the beach. You can add properties of your own liking. There are also ways to choose accessories like the diamond wedding ring, which could save you a lot of money. You may go for simple diamond shapes and cuts like the baguette or radiant cut diamond to save money. Below is a discussion on things that can help you make your beach wedding a memorable one.

Choosing the Dress

Skip the Big Dress

The truth is, a ballgown belongs in a ballroom, and definitely not in a location like a beach. It would be difficult to walk down the aisle with the long dress. Therefore, you can go to a different dress that is more convenient for you. Even if you have to wear a long dress, make sure your wedding party dresses are made of a material that helps you walk smoothly.

Lose The Heels

It is obvious that heels do not work well in sand. Remember this when you go out to shop for your wedding and bring something flat to wear for your special occasion.

Think Light

With the breeze blowing from the sea, and the sand to walk over, wearing a heavy dress is not a great idea. Therefore, make sure you pick suitable wedding dress styles for the event. Choose a material that helps you stay light. This includes something like charmeuse or chiffon for the material of the dress

At The Ceremony

Stay Natural

As the setting of the beach is very much natural, it makes sense if you also keep it as natural as possible. This applies for every aspect of the wedding including the wedding decorations. You can keep the flowers, the accessories, and the dress simple and let it compliment the setting you have chosen for the wedding.

Go Local

It is always better to opt for a local selection of materials for your feast. Look for caterers that use local produce and keep the event as simple as possible. Local selection will help you reduce the expenses. It will also ensure that there is no wastage, and thereby pay respect to the beach environment.

Add Color

Make sure you choose colors that compliment the sand and surf rather than choosing bright shades. Coral shades and green are two such options.

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