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The wedding will be one of the most beautiful and auspicious occasions in the life of almost every person. However, planning a wedding will not be that easy since you will have to deal with tons of things such as the wedding party dresses, wedding cake, wedding flowers, décor, food, wedding party gifts, traditional customs, and many more. Out of these, one of the most but underrated aspect is the wedding flowers. You would have seen that brides usually carry a bouquet of flowers as they walk down the aisle. Similarly, the grooms will have a floral brooch on their chest as well. This is not just to enhance their overall aesthetics; it has got an in-depth meaning as well.

Some people have a misconception that couples choose their wedding flowers in a way to complement their wedding party dresses. Actually, different flowers symbolize various attributes and couples tend to choose the one that complements their personality rather than their wedding party dresses. In order to give you a thorough idea about this, below are some of the commonly used wedding flowers and their symbolism.


Anemone is one of the most commonly used wedding flowers and they represent expectation. This characteristic will be perfect for a bride as she steps into a new relationship for eternity. This light-hued bloom has got some other meanings as well such as good luck, prosperity, happiness, etc. Traditionally, anemone blooms were used to drive away the evil spirits lingering around the bride. These unscented flowers can be seen abundantly during the spring and late winter seasons. When it comes to price, anemone flowers are moderately priced.

Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath is beautiful, tiny white-colored flowers that are usually used in the nuptial brooches of the grooms. Sometimes, these blooms are used in the bridal wreaths as well. These white beauties represent innocence and good luck. Traditionally, baby’s breath flowers were held by the flower girls so as to decorate the wedding aisle. The fact that this wedding flower option is really inexpensive also adds to its popularity.

Calla Lily

Calla lily is a stunning option for wedding flowers. These bright-colored blooms symbolize magnificent beauty and add to the overall splendor of the wedding. Calla lilies are actually available in a number of colors, and hence, they are used in the bridal bouquets, wreaths, wedding table centerpieces, décors, etc. Apart from the magnificence, the symbolism of calla lilies is related to fertility as well. This contributed to its significance in the bridal bouquets. These tropical flowers are abundantly available during the summer and spring seasons.

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