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The wedding ceremony is an occasion in which two souls are united through marriage. Therefore, it holds great value in one’s life. Obviously, it is also the time, when you would have to spend a good chunk of your money. There are lots of things to consider while planning a wedding including the venue, photography, wedding dress styles, decoration works, and many more. These all make it very important for you to set a budget for your wedding and plan things very well without compromising on the entertaining and enjoyable factors. Below are some tips to plans a fun-filled but economical wedding.

Guest List Plan

Most of the people, while they are planning the wedding, are tempted to add each and every person they know to the wedding guest list. However, this is really not necessary. With every guest you add, you are actually increasing the overall cost of your wedding. This would also make your wedding less intimate.

One of the common reasons why people increase the guest list is because they feel committed. If you would like to make much savings for your wedding, it is always best to invite less number of people to your wedding. You could give a start to this process by cutting 20% of the wedding list and then cut another 20%; you would definitely feel happy by the new list.

Wedding Help Rather than Wedding Gifts

If you have relatives who have a good musical talent, they would be able to help you in giving a musical touch to the ceremony. This, of course, would be an excellent wedding gift. You could also get other bits of help from your guests, say, in the form of photography if there are good photographers in your family or any other similar ways. If you ask your family to help you out by contributing their talent to your wedding instead of gifts, you would really be able to plan a budget-friendly wedding.

The Ceremony Venue

Renting a banquet hall for your wedding ceremony or reception party could increase the total expense of your wedding. If you could conduct these events at one of your parental homes or organize it in a public park, you would be able to make it memorable and also get rid of any extra rental costs for the venue. However, if you are planning an outdoor wedding, always keep a backup plan because there are always chances for it to rain. You would never want to celebrate your wedding in a downpour, so rent a strong tent and some fans beforehand.

Catering Service

When it comes to catering service for your wedding, you could either do the food arrangement and catering on your own or ask for the help from your family. This could save you a lot in the food expenses for your wedding. In case you do not like this idea, hire a family owned restaurant to help you with the catering service. Most of the family owned restaurants would be able to understand your budget requirements and could make your wedding more special.

Use Minimum Flowers

You could keep your wedding simple by eliminating the large expenses on flowers like making the bouquet of the bride small and simple. Similarly, you could also hand a single rose to the bridesmaids. It would be even better if you know anyone with a rosebush in his or her garden. If you do, you could make bouquets on your own by cutting out the rose flowers. You could also use replica flowers instead of fresh flowers if you would like to lower the costs even more.

Groomsmen and Bridesmaid Gifts

Even though it is customary to give gifts to bridesmaid and the groomsmen, it is really not mandatory to do so. Other than buying gifts for them, you could give them personalized notes, thanking them for their presence at your wedding. Your friends would definitely understand this if they know that you are cutting short your wedding budget.

Making your Own Invitations

You would be able to create your own wedding invitations if you have a quality printer at your home. If you would spare some time on this you would really be able to create some awesome wedding invitation cards by yourself. You would be able to create a classic invitation card using stylish fonts. It would be both beautiful and cost-effective.

Another idea for getting cheaper wedding cards is by ordering it online. In this way, you would be able to find a number of wedding card designs, that too, at a lower price range. It is also a good idea to hire a freelance graphic designer to do the trick.

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