Different Ways a Groom Can Help with His Wedding Planning

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People will mostly talk about the bride and her responsibilities when it comes to the wedding, such as how she will be involved in all the wedding planning that starts from arranging the pre-wedding party to post-wedding dinners. In fact, it is a common belief that there will be hardly any responsibility related to the wedding planning and most of the associated functions, which a groom has to take on his shoulders all by himself. However, this is an old story now, and things have changed a lot as men too love to get involved in their wedding planning these days.

To name a few, the groom can get the suit altered or fitted, pick a song for the first dance, write the vows, choose a thoughtful gift for the bride, make a toast, etc. Apart from these, there are many ways in which you can get involved in the wedding planning; some of those are discussed below.

Choosing your Groomsmen

One of the best tasks that no one else can do better than the groom is choosing the groomsmen. This might not seem like a big deal, but you should invite them to the wedding ceremony officially. After the invites, keep in contact with them so that you can plan things well. Moreover, make sure to pass on the details about the wedding activities and the schedules. Of course, you can seek help from your best man in order to coordinate things well. Still, it will be your responsibility to ensure that things are on track as far as your half of the bridal party is concerned.

Deciding on your Wedding Guest List with the Bride

Traditionally, it was the responsibility of the host or the bride’s parents to make the guest list. Yet instead of putting the entire responsibility on the host, it would be better if you talk about these things with your partner. In addition to providing the guest list of your friends, you can also inquire about the family and friends that your parents would love to invite to the wedding.

In fact, it is not necessary that the bride or the host will have the addresses of all your guests. So, this will be really helpful.

Tracking Down the Missing RSVPs

The groom can track down the missing RSVPs from his side. Similarly, the bride can check for the missing RSVPs from her part as well. Additionally, do follow up with each other in order to get clarity regarding the same. Sharing this responsibility will be a great stress-reliever for the bride.

Dance Classes

The first dance of the couple is really important and it symbolizes the happiness in the couple’s life. Hence, the couples tend to learn choreographed dance for their wedding function these days. Here, you can take the responsibility of signing up for the dance lessons. Additionally, take your bride out for these dancing lessons and make it a fun affair. These small gestures can a big difference.

Choosing Gifts for your Groomsmen

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Your groomsmen may leave no stone unturned in order to make your big day more exciting and special. Hence, it is your responsibility to appreciate their hard work or to thank them for playing an important role in the biggest day of your life. For this, you can plan on giving some unique gifts to your groomsmen.

When it comes to choosing the gifts for your groomsmen, it is better that you select it yourself rather than putting the responsibility on the shoulders of your host. Note that no one will know your groomsmen better than you do. Some of the unique and helpful groomsmen gifts include engraved cuff links, flasks, top-shelf liquor, tickets to a game, etc.

Planning the Rehearsal Dinner

Usually, it is the responsibility of the groom’s parents to arrange a rehearsal dinner so that they can meet the bride’s family and discuss the important things related to the wedding ceremony. You can take the charge here, because you will have a better understanding about the interests of the bride’s parents too. Even if you were in doubt, you can always plan the dinner by taking suggestions from your partner.

Designing the Wedding Outfit

When it comes to the wedding outfit, the importance of the groom will be really trivial in comparison to the bride. However, it is your day as well and you ought to shine on your wedding day. For this, you must choose your outfit yourselves and ensure that it complements the overall theme of your wedding.

Most of the celebrated wedding outfit designers in the industry recommend their clients to consider the feel as well as the style of their wedding while designing the wedding outfit. In case your wedding function is a traditional and formal affair, you can nail the look by flaunting a traditional tuxedo with a notch, peak lapel, or shawl. Currently, slim-fit silhouettes are one of the latest trends.

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