Six of the Biggest Bridal Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding Dress Styles
Bridal Makeup Mistakes

Your makeup is an important part of your wedding day look. It is just as important as the wedding dress style that you chose. Moreover, it is easy to make mistakes in makeup, not least because there are so many possibilities to try on your face. Your wedding day will be the most-photographed occasion in your life. So look your best on the day by avoiding all these common wedding makeup mistakes.

Skipping the Trial

Makeup trial incurs an additional cost, but it is one worth considering for your beauty. Try to have the trial scheduled at least three months in advance of your wedding. If you are unhappy with the initial trial, then this will buy time in order to try another option.

Taking the Trial without Preparation

You perhaps know that you have to bring photographs to the hair trail, but several brides forget to bring their personal pictures to the hair or makeup trial. Look through magazines for people with skin color similar to yours whose facial makeup you like. In addition, if you have selfies where you specifically dislike or like your makeup, then bring those along too.

Applying Shimmer in All the Wrong Places

A bit of shimmer on your cheeks will look fresh and dewy. However, when worn on the forehead or nose, it can make your skin appear greasy. Some makeup artists like to apply gold shimmer along the top of the cheekbone, on the Cupid’s bow, and just below the eyebrows. It makes ladies look as though they are lit from inside and is an easy trick that works in makeup.

Whatever you do, keep away from anything with glitter. Sparkles and glitter have the effect of reflecting the light towards a camera, and this often gives the illusion of white spots across the skin on the photos. These spots can turn orange, green or fuchsia in photo retouching, depending on the effects and color balancing used.

When compared to sparkle, shimmery makeup is different, as a shimmer does not have flecks which cause light to reflect back at the photographic equipment.

Going for Excessively-Dramatic Eyes

Save mascara, keep the black color out of your makeup kit. The black liner is way too harsh for most people. You can get a more beautiful effect using other colors which will offer a soft, stunning and sultry look. Makeup artists recommend using grays, browns, deep purples and navy instead.

Smoldering eyes often look better in real than they do on photographs. Eye makeup looks which are excessively smoky could cast a shadow around your eyes on photos, so choose a subtle and soft look instead. In addition, be sure that you are selecting shades which will enhance the eye color. Makeup artists recommend bronze for green, mocha for hazel, dark brown and navy for blue, and grays and purples for brown eyes.

In addition, choose a cream shadow as the base color over a powder. Cream will last for a long period, making it a much better option for the eyelid color. Use powders in the crease of your eyes and to highlight below your eyebrows.

Choosing the Wrong Type of Eyelash Enhancements

One particular trend is semi-permanent lashes, the ones that are separately bonded with the natural lashes (similar to hair extensions). Also known as eyelash extensions, they are fixed using an adhesive. While this is a trend, eyelash specialists recommend that people have these applied at least 14 days before their wedding, just in case they are allergic to the adhesive and to ensure that the lashes are comfortable for them.

If you opt for the more standard false eyelashes, then choose individual pieces instead of strips. Tears could just weaken the applied adhesive at the lash’s inner corners, which causes them to lift. A waterproof product’s gentle coat and a moderate application of individual eyelashes will help withstand the tears. The day of your wedding is surely going to be emotional for you, and joyful tears will come from your eyes on the day. When compared to strips, individual pieces will give you a much more natural look as well. You can have eyelashes of your preferred thickness.

In addition, think about using black lash glue instead of the clear one because it will blend with the rest of the wedding eye makeup in a better way.

Forgetting About Your Bridal Party Makeup

Bridesmaids will be in dozens of photos with you. Offer them some makeup tips so that everyone turns out to have a cohesive look. You would not want each of them with different makeup and hair, as this can look ill-conceived and will be eventually distracting. After all, being the bride, you have to stand out from all others.

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