Tips For A Creative Wedding Invitation

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Creative Wedding Invitation

The best way to surprise people through your wedding invite is to focus on the smaller details. Below is a discussion on a few creative ideas for a beautiful wedding invitation that will help you with wedding planning.

Get A Personalized Stamp

Personalized stamps are very attractive and add a signature for your wedding invitation. You can use it for the wedding invite and for introducing a return address. There are different varieties of custom rubber stamps available which will suit your purpose.

Use A Ribbon For The invites

Using a ribbon will add to the beauty of the invitation and make it stand out. This will also help you keep the elements such as the RSVP cards and travel information safe. You can use a small tag for an added touch.

Creative Edging Using Punches

Create attractive corners and edges over your wedding invitations using a stamp cutter and a special punch. You can pick them up from online stores or craft stores. Besides, they are easy to use. Make sure that you have some additional time to spend over these and you will be happy to have undertaken it.

Address Invitations Using Attractive Calligraphy

Calligraphy has never fallen out of style. Using attractive fonts will make your invites look even more catchy. You can take the numerous calligraphy classes available online and design the fonts that captivate you the most. You can either write the invites or the address using the new styles.

Use A Bit Of Watercolour

One of the best ways to decorate the invitations is to use water color invitations. You can easily create wedding invites and print these using water color paper. If you need an additional touch of beauty, you can take them for a water color wash. Make sure you do not overdo them.

Add Glitter To The Edges

Adding a bit of attractive gilt to the edges will also make the invites look attractive. This property is very easy to add. You can use them on the invitations or the envelopes.

Above are a few great ways to add a creative touch to your wedding invites.

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