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As you would probably know, planning a wedding ceremony is not an easy task and it requires an immense amount of energy and time. Preparing for a wedding on your own can also build up the pressure and it may even prevent both the bride and groom from having a good time. This is one of the major reasons, why most couples seek the help of a professional wedding planner.

However, several couples who are looking for a wedding planner are not aware that there are many different types of options available to them. This means that you will be able to find plenty of wedding planners who will help you to make your wedding a huge success. Wedding planners are usually divided into three broad categories: day-of coordinators, month-of coordinators, and full service wedding planners.

The wide variety of options available to you when it comes to selecting a wedding planner might make you feel a little confused or overwhelmed. If you wish to avoid such hassles and find the right wedding planner who is capable of meeting all your wedding related requirements, then you should know a few things about these three different types of wedding planners.

Full Service Wedding Planners

Full service wedding planners assist couples with each and every aspect of their wedding. For instance, the wedding planner will be with you when you are selecting a wedding venue, setting aside a budget, and when you are choosing the right wedding party for the ceremony. The best thing about full service wedding planners is that they focus on every big and small detail of your wedding ceremony, which will in turn help you to transform your wedding dreams into reality.

In addition to that, full service wedding planners will also work with the couples to figure out how involved your friends and family members will be. However, it is significant to note that some full service wedding planners will only focus on the important aspects of your wedding planning.

So, customers who are looking to hire a wedding planner who will take care of each and every aspect of their wedding should ensure that he or she is a full service wedding planner. This will help you to make sure that your wedding planner will be there to ensure that your wedding ceremony will go as smoothly as planned. Most full service wedding planners usually charge 10 to 20 percent of the overall wedding budget.

Month-Of Coordinator

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Several couples prefer to plan their wedding ceremony on their own without enlisting the help of wedding planners because they feel that wedding planning is a fun process. The reality is that wedding planning can be quite difficult and couples will surely find it really hard to deal with last-minute wedding details. If you do not want a full service wedding planner, then you should consider hiring a month-of coordinator to plan the wedding ceremony.

Most of the month-of coordinators usually handle logistical tasks of wedding ceremonies. However, they will not be involved in the initial stages of wedding planning. This means that month-of coordinators will not help you to determine a wedding budget, select wedding aesthetics, and choose vendors. Instead, they will help you to create a timeline for your wedding day and will make sure that the ceremony goes without any hitches by managing guests, vendors, and the wedding party.

In addition to that, month-of coordinators will be responsible for the setting up and handling of the wedding venue. The cost of month-of coordinators usually varies based on factors such as responsibilities assigned to them and the size of the wedding. However, in most cases, these types of wedding planners usually charge 5 to 10 percent of the wedding budget.

Day-Of Coordinator

In some cases, brides might want to take full control of their wedding planning or wedding details. However, managing guests, vendors, and setting up the wedding venue can be quite difficult for most of them. If that is the case, then you should consider hiring a day-of coordinator for your wedding ceremony.

Couples who are planning to hire a day-of coordinator for their wedding should note that this type of wedding planner would not help you with your wedding planning, guest list, or other wedding details. Instead, they will help you to ensure that your wedding ceremony and reception stay on track without any issues.

Most day-of coordinators usually organize the bridal party, manage vendor arrivals, and even help your guests to find the seats that are assigned to them. The money you will need to pay a day-of coordinator will depend on a number of factors including wedding details and location. However, in most cases, they usually charge 600 to 1500 dollars.

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