3 Wedding Traditions That you Can Break at your Wedding

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Wedding ceremonies and celebrations have started to become very personalized these days. This is mainly because most couples prefer to steer a bit away from old traditions and rules. It is true that some brides and grooms may feel that some of the wedding traditions are a bit outdated or unnecessary. If you and your loved one belong to that category, then you need to remember that there is nothing wrong with breaking the wedding traditions that seem outdated to you.

Several expert wedding planners advise their clients to do this because couples should be able to do what they like on their wedding day. However, before you bend or break any wedding traditions, you need to consult with your parents and consider their suggestions as well before making a final decision. Anyhow, below are 3 wedding traditions that you can skip at your wedding.

The Bride Should Wear White

Your friends and family members might have told you that the bride should definitely wear a white dress for the wedding ceremony. In fact, some wedding planners even advise guests not to wear white when attending a wedding because the bride is most probably going to wear a white dress. Yet this is not something that you must do to get married; if white is not your color, feel free to pick the color you like.

The Bride Should Wear High Heels

There is no denying the fact that high heels are absolutely sexy and they make most women look great. However, some women, particularly the ones who do not usually wear high heels, might feel a little bit uncomfortable wearing high heels to a party. If you are afraid that you would trip off and fall, then it is best not to wear high heels to your wedding. If you are more comfortable with a pair of comfy flats, then there is nothing wrong in choosing them.

The Bride Should Look Skinny

Several brides skip their favorite food and start to work out to drop a few pounds to regain a picture-perfect figure as the wedding day nears. There is nothing wrong with this, but you should never feel pressurized to do this. Changing your diet plan and engaging in a pre-wedding workout routine are good, but you should always focus on your health first. If you are not planning to lose weight, then all you need to do is to find a wedding dress that compliments your body shape.

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