5 Frequently Asked Questions on Wedding Gift Etiquettes

Wedding Gift
Wedding Gift Etiquettes

There is a lot to planning a perfect wedding, and it is not limited to the hosts either – the guests also have to plan a few things right so that everything stays in order. One of the main concerns for the guests attending a wedding is the gift. So to help you out, below are 5 frequently ask questions on the etiquettes regarding wedding gift, as well as their ideal solution.

Is it Fine to Purchase Gifts Not Listed on the Wedding Registry?

Since a bride and groom have ticked off preferred items from the stock of a retailer as gifts, which guests can buy for them, it is good manners to fall in line with couple’s preferences. Even when you have ideas to select off-the-registry gifts, sometimes you can get away with it by accidentally buying items on their wishlist. If you know a bride or groom personally, then it is possible to choose the right gift for them, and that can be something not listed in the registry.

Is it Right to Buy a Group Wedding Present?

Only if the registry items exceed your budget, or you want to gift something more expensive, which the couple loves, collect money from your friends to collectively buy the wedding gift. This is a wise option for the groomsmen and bridesmaids, who spent a considerable amount on wedding outfits, bachelor party, and wedding shower.

Is it Fine to Give Money Instead of a Wedding Gift?

There is nothing wrong with giving money instead of gifts. Since most millennials marry later in life and have well-stocked houses, they favor cash over gifts so that they can put it toward their savings. If you are planning to gift cash or check, then give it prior to the big day though. This way, you can make sure that the cash or check is not misplaced during the wedding reception party.

Which is Right – Ship an Item or Present it in Person?

Wedding Party
Buying Wedding Gift

It is wise to give a gift by visiting the groom or bride’s home rather than doing it at the wedding venue. Many things are going to be there for wedding parties to keep track of, so why not save them a few headaches by means of home delivery. In fact, bringing a gift for wedding party is usually reserved when one goes off-the-registry to buy one. When in doubt, simply follow the registry’s instructions.

What about Buying a Gift When you are Not Attending the Wedding?

This kind of implies – is it even necessary to buy a gift when invitations come as a formality. If you are invited on the previous day of the wedding, you may even think twice about going for it. On the other hand, if the wedding is of an affiliate or that of a distant relative, then it is up to you to decide whether to return the formality.

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