5 Great Ideas for Traditional Wedding Photographs

Wedding Pictures
Wedding Photography Ideas

The wedding photographer you hire for your big day has one major overriding task: click as many memorable images as he can, with the bride and groom at the center of it all. Happy couples generally aim for traditional shots documenting their precious moments on the day, such as the first kiss, the first dance, and the ceremony itself. That just makes three things though, and since you are paying a crew for the whole day, it would be wise to try to capture some of the following ideas as well.

The Flower Girl Straight Shot

The wedding pictures should tell a blessed story of how the two of you came together as one. Keeping it unique is your right, but it takes experimenting. Why not try to get a picture of the flower girl at high level, and let the little one shine? Just get the photographer to crouch down and get a take of what things look like in her world.

Looking Up

The venue is something you would do well to capitalize on in your photos, so if it s a church with vaulted ceilings, have some of the photos angled upwards, and make a majestic statement. This also removes a lot of the clutter below, and focuses on just the two most special people whom the day rightly belongs to.

Shoot through the Surroundings

There is a limit to how many times you can snap the maid of honor making a toast, so after the main shots, mix things up a bit. Have the photographer use the elements in the room – the candles, water glasses, etc. – and if he is good at it, you will be pleasantly surprised at all the possibilities. Just make sure the pictures stay relevant to the wedding, and can be routed back into the couple’s story.

Multiple Exposures

Using multiple exposures lets couple seems connected with a variety of aspects of the ceremony, but isn’t that really the point? At a beach wedding where shots in the sand and water are usually a given, it would be a good idea to try to get pictures using more than one exposure setting. The snaps stay organic to the event, but would be subtly different from the others.


An obstruction in a photo looks far worse than an inclusion, but the former can be made into the latter. Just have the thing in the foreground, and wonders can happen.

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