5 Things to Consider While Choosing a Wedding Theme

Wedding Theme
Wedding Theme Selection

Choosing a wedding theme is not a piece of cake as it may sound. It is a result of tedious planning and deep research, enough to rival what went into choosing the perfect engagement ring for your one true love. A number of aspects have to be brought into the equation before you can finalize your wedding theme. Below are a few important things you have to consider before giving green light to the wedding theme of your choice.

The Venue

The venue of your wedding will account for a major share of your budget. If you have a theme in your mind, check if your planned theme matches it. Do ample research on the features that would be added to your venue if you decide to go with your selected theme. For instance, a grand wedding hall would be apt for a big celebration, whereas a more peaceful wedding could be held in an open-air venue.

Plan your Theme According to your Budget

While you pick your wedding theme, keep your budget in mind. Explore the theme of your choice and the financial responsibilities that come with it. This will give you a realistic idea of your possible expense. For example, an indoor garden themed wedding would be much costly when compared to selecting an actual garden for the wedding party.

Explore the Themes in Depth

Do you know specifically what you want out of your theme? If not, it is better to get some clarity on your choice by doing some research. This will help you convey your ideas clearly to the vendors. This, in turn, will also avoid confusion and make it easy for them to organize the whole event. Say, if you have a vintage theme in mind, you need to be specific about the period of time you are talking about.

Be Mindful of the Season

The season is sometimes overlooked while planning the wedding theme. But this is an equally important factor too. Since different seasons have different appearances and colors, it becomes a deciding factor for your theme. For instance, it is impossible to organize a garden wedding in the winter. Similarly, if you choose a fall wedding, the best colors that would suit it are red and orange.

Be Clear about the Formality and your Family Tradition

Another important choice you have to make is the question of traditions. You have to decide whether you want to follow your family’s wedding traditions or if you want to do something out of the box. This will also include the costumes that you are planning for the guests as well as the celebration that you would have.

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