A Beginner’s Guide to Selecting Wine for Weddings

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Getting engaged to the love of your life and planning a wedding is actually a time to celebrate your romance and commitment. There is no denying the fact that wedding planning is momentous and exciting, but it can be quite stressful and irritating at times.

Finding a perfect wedding dress, choosing a delicious five-course menu, and selecting the best wedding wine for your guests are no easy tasks. Even though most couples usually fret over their wedding dress and the dinner menu, selecting a wedding wine list will surely be one of the most challenging and stressful parts of wedding planning.

You should not just focus on finding the best white, red, and sparkling wedding wines your guests and family members will love, but also ensure that the wine varieties that you have purchased for your big day pairs well with the type of foods you will be serving. Obviously, if you have no clear idea about the different varieties of wine or if you do not have an extensive knowledge in wine and food pairings, you will find it very hard to select the best wines that complement your wedding menu. If you wish to avoid such hassles, it is best to seek the help of expert wedding planners, as they will surely be able to help you.

In most cases, couples usually offer two red, two white, and one sparkling wine option for guests who are attending their wedding ceremony. It is true that buying more wines for your wedding will increase the number of wine choices available to customers. However, the issue with this is that it might make your guests a bit confused. So, it is best to stick with the first option. Some of the best wedding wines that are ideal for wedding ceremonies are the following.

White Wines

Sauvignon Blanc from Sancerre

It is best to keep a Sauvignon Blanc wine on your wedding wine list because most of your guests will be familiar with the drink. This means that they will be comfortable ordering Sauvignon Blanc from the wedding bar and drinking it. Some of the purest and delicious varieties of white wines are produced by Sancerre. The best thing about these mineral-rich wines is that they are very food friendly and they are suitable for making delicious cocktails too.

Chardonnay from Burgundy

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Couples are a little bit hesitant to serve Chardonnay white wine for their wedding because some varieties of Chardonnay are quite expensive when compared to other white wines. The reality is that these delicious white wines are also available at cheap and affordable prices. Most of the Burgundy Chardonnay wines are not just refined and classic but they also come with the perfect levels of acidity and oak. Moreover, these delicious varieties of white wines also work exceptionally as a food-friendly pairing or an aperitif.

Red Wines

Gamay from Beaujolais

Selecting a Gamay based wine from Beaujolais is always a good and safe choice when it comes to wedding wines. The best thing about these red wines is that they are light enough to be consumed without any food; they also pair exceptionally well with a wide variety of food items including chicken and vegetable-based dishes.

Pinot Noir

As you would probably know, everyone loves to drink the delicious Pinot Noir. So, you should definitely consider adding this red wine variety to the list of your wedding wines. Note that an unknown variety of red wine might make your guests will a little bit overwhelmed and intimidated. So, it is best to stick with a known variety of red wine for your wedding. Pinot Noir also pairs exceptionally well with a number of food items.

Sparkling Wine

Your wedding will be one of the most beautiful and biggest days of your life. It will be something you would cherish with your loved one for the rest of your lives. So, savor this spectacular moment by purchasing a sparkling wine – preferably champagne. If you do not like the idea of having champagne for your wedding, then it is best to go for a bottle of Cava Brut Reserva.

The Spanish sparkling wine is produced in the same way champagnes are and it tastes almost the same. However, it is best to buy just a single sparkling wine variety – be it champagne or cava – as most of your guests will be interested in red and white wines. This will also help you to cut down the cost of wedding wines.

As always, seek the advice of your wedding planner before making any decision regarding the wine. You should also encourage the waiting staff or bartender at your wedding bar to serve the wine properly. Tell them that heavy pouring may be welcomed at bars but not at your wedding; this will help you to keep the wine bottle count in check.

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