A Beginner’s Guide to Wedding Lighting Design

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One of the most underrated elements of wedding design that does not get much attention from brides and grooms is undoubtedly wedding lighting. Several couples who are about to get married often forget how important wedding lighting really is. Due to this, they pay less attention to this element and often end up regretting that during the wedding ceremony.

Wedding lighting sets the overall mood for the wedding ceremony and allows couples to show off all the pretty little wedding details that they have been planning and thinking about for months. Moreover, choosing a subtle yet efficient wedding lighting will allow your guests to make use of the dance floor and enjoy their food properly.

If you want your wedding photos to look exquisite and stunning, you will need to identify the best wedding lighting design that suits the venue. Besides, insufficient and poor lighting will make your wedding images look less appealing even if you are in an expensive and elegant dress. If you are wondering where to start your wedding lighting design planning, we have got you covered.

Get to Know the Lighting Terminologies

Before you reach out to a wedding lighting designer for quite or start looking for wedding lighting ideas, you should try to know some of the key wedding lighting terms used by lighting designers. This will help you to know what lighting designers are talking about. Some of the most common wedding lighting terms you may probably hear are as follows.

Uplighting – These are the lights, which are usually placed on walls and the floor in different colors.

Gobo Light – This is the template, through which light shines through to create a monogram, pattern, or motif on the wall, ceiling, or floor.

Texture Lighting – Pretty much similar to gobo lights, these come with a specific preset pattern such as leaves or a night sky with stars.

Spotlight – A spotlight is actually a lamp, which projects a beam of light on a certain object or area.

String Lights – Also known as café lights or twinkle, these are strands of light that can light up any space.

Wedding Lighting Cost

Once you have mastered the common wedding lighting terms used by lighting designers, you should get in touch with one of them to know how much you will need to spend on wedding lighting. The cost of wedding lighting will depend on a number of factors like the venue, wedding size, wedding style, and more. This means that it would be very hard to decide the exact amount you will need to spend on wedding lighting.

Most couples bring in a professional lighting designer to take care of the wedding lighting design and to install them. Although some couples, particularly the ones who are on a budget, prefer to do the wedding lighting on their own, it is always best to bring in a professional because they will have a clear idea on how to decorate the venue with a stunning wedding lighting design.

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However, before you hire a certain wedding lighting designer, you will need to ask them if delivery or labor charges are included with the quoted price. In addition to that, you must ask them to bring images of the weddings that they have done, as it will help you to see their work.

Questions to Ask

Once you have found a professional wedding lighting designer and finalized an amount, you will need to take him/her to your wedding venue. This will help the designer to create a custom plan that suits the wedding venue. Couples who are getting married during the daytime should schedule a walkthrough with their wedding lighting designer around the same time as their event. This will give you an idea about the natural lighting in the venue.

Likewise, couples who are planning to get married or the ones who are organizing a reception at night should schedule a visit with their wedding lighting designer at night. This will help them to decide how much additional lighting is necessary to illuminate the venue properly. Make sure to ask the following questions to your wedding lighting designer during the walk-through.

  • How much time is required to set up the wedding lighting?
  • How much power is needed for the entire wedding lighting setup?
  • Will the designer be available during the wedding for maintenance and other concerns?

In addition to that, you should get in touch with the manager or owner of the venue and ask them the following questions.

  • How many outlets are there in the venue and where are they located?
  • Are open-flame candles or any other types of light sources prohibited?
  • Is there any type of lighting already available in the venue?

Finally, consult with your wedding planner, talk about the cost, design, and other details of the wedding lighting design before making the final decision.

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