An Ultimate Guide to Perfect Wedding Lighting

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Wedding lighting arrangements are one of the most overlooked factors when it comes to wedding planning. It is true that every wedding will be different from each other, but most of the wedding functions will be conducted during the night. Usually, couples consider fluorescent lights in order to spruce up the overall ambiance of the wedding venue. However, fluorescent lighting alone will be not enough to highlight your expensive centerpieces and wedding cake. In order to set the romantic mood, you must up light your wedding venue to the best.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Lighting

Actually, a perfect wedding lighting is the main thing that manages or uplifts the aura and ambiance of your great affair. Note that you can choose the wedding lighting depending on the type of the event. Commonly, they are of three types: the ceremony, revelry and dancing, and cocktail and dinner.

At the time of the ceremony, you must choose romantic and precise lighting that highlights the aisle as well as the ceremonial area. At your cocktail party, give importance to the décors and statement pieces at your wedding venue. For this, you may consider spotlighting as well. In the case of revelry and dancing, the whole ambiance must be sensory and fun. So, you may go for multi-colored wedding lighting here.

Why Consider a Wedding Lighting Expert

Besides being a technical aspect, wedding lighting is also the main factor that affects the overall style quotient of your wedding venue. Hence, lighting up different light fixtures will not be enough to set the mood; you must make sure that you have a wedding lighting expert with an aesthetic eye in order to control the illumination setting at your place.

A lighting expert will help you to achieve the maximum potential of the lighting effect. Of course, the professional can easily asses your wedding venue and can decide on the lighting placement, type of lighting, mode of suspension, etc., within a nick of time.

Wedding Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

As there are a number of options available when it comes to wedding lighting, you are more likely to make some mistakes. Some of those common wedding mistakes that you must avoid while planning your wedding are given below.

Not Paying Attention to your Venue Contract

Most couples do not check their wedding venue contract. Actually, it is really important to discuss what you can do or what you cannot do at your wedding venue with your wedding coordinator. At some places, there will be certain restrictions regarding the wedding lighting. So, you will have to talk with your lighting expert and plan things accordingly.

Not Highlighting the Guest Tables, Floral Decors, and the Cake

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The couple of honor will be really excited and will get easily carried away with their epic wedding planning. They will focus mainly on providing a spotlight on them, suspended light display, background lighting, etc. In this case, the couple may neglect the practical lighting options. Note that you cannot highlight your beautiful wedding cake, expensive tablescapes, and floral embellishments if it is not properly lit at night.

Not Having Enough Lighting Options

If you want to create a wow factor using your wedding lighting arrangements, you must not compromise on the number of lighting fixtures. Couples may easily underestimate the volume of lighting required for the wedding venue because of the design of those lighting fixtures. Fairy lights are one of the most preferred options these days. However, couples usually settle for around 60 m string light because of its extra-bright appeal. In order to avoid this, it is recommended to take your supplier to the wedding venue so that they can quote the exact volume of lighting fixtures required.

Trying to Replicate Internet Images

People usually refer to internet images in order to excel in their wedding planning. Of course, there will be many stunning lighting arrangements on most of the online wedding sites. So, the couples tend to replicate those images rather than trusting their wedding light suppliers or experts. It is better to discuss your idea with your lighting experts though; you may show them the reference images as well. Then, let them work their magic, because it might not always be a practical option to replicate the exact setting as you saw in an image. In fact, there could be many constraints for this, such as the space, natural lighting, budget, theme, etc. Besides, most of the images on the internet will be edited.

Not Having an Idea about Overall Lighting Cost

Some couples simply guess the cost of certain wedding lighting arrangements rather than discussing it with the suppliers or the professionals. In most cases, this may become a reason for disappointment later, because the reality will be way too different than their assumption. So, it is recommended to do a good legwork and inquire about the cost of wedding lighting in your area. For this, you may contact different wedding lighting professionals and discuss your requirements with them. Additionally, check both online and offline reviews about those suppliers before jumping into a conclusion.

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