Best Pre-Wedding Photography Concepts That you May Consider

Pre-Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography Concepts

A pre-wedding photography or engagement photography is a couple photo shoot that normally takes place three to five months prior to their wedding. Even though some people still think it is waste of money, there are many perspectives that facilitate a pre-wedding photo shoot. Firstly, you will get some quality time to spend with your partner and you can get to know each other better. Apart from that, you can also make a good bonding with your photographer during the pre-wedding photo sessions. This will be really useful if you are planning to hire the same person to document your D day as well. In this case, you will be more comfortable with the photographer, and hence, you will be able to give your best shot.

Similarly, a pre-wedding shoot is advantageous for a photographer as well because he can understand the character of the couple, their dressing style, their comfort zone, etc. So, it will be easier for him to design a setting in such a way that it flatters both the bride and groom in order to yield the best out of you as a couple.

Pre-Wedding Concepts

In every pre-wedding photography session, there will be a concept that represents the everlasting love between partners. There are so many pre-wedding concepts to choose that you may often get overwhelmed. So, below are two of the popular pre-wedding ideas that you may consider to spruce up your pre-wedding photo album.

The Traditional Concept

This is one of the timeless pre-wedding concepts, which display the cultural heritage of a couple in the photos. Even though an evergreen idea, traditional pre-wedding concept will be perfect for all the couples who are planning to get married in a traditional ceremony. Note that some people also adopt the culture of other countries in order to enhance their pre-wedding photos. For instance, the cultural diversity of Indonesia is so vast and colorful, and hence, it will look amazing in photos.

The Glamorous Concept

Couples who love to flaunt fancy clothes or love shooting at grand locations may choose the glamorous pre-wedding concept. The main aim of glamorous themed pre-wedding photo shoot is to exhibit maximum class in the photographs. When it comes to the dressing style here, it is always better to keep it simple and elegant. For instance, consider a classic black and white color combination. You can choose any of the bold colors as well for the pre-wedding photography sessions; the choice is totally yours.

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