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Weddings are talked about for the years to come. One of a wedding’s most fun elements is the dance. Some grooms and brides involve their whole wedding party in one practiced dance production, but the traditional approach to it could do well with some refinement. Many people do not realize that it is some of the embarrassing things during the dance performance or party that actually makes the wedding one to remember. In other words, you do not have to stick onto the tradition, like say distributing wedding party favors.

What is the Appropriate Wedding Dance Etiquette for the Bride and Groom?

There is no single answer to this. It all depends upon what you select – a traditional dance or one that is in vogue today. Traditionally, there is a proper order for grooms and brides to dance, but in modern weddings, dances are fully up to the newlywed couple.

What are Some of the Contemporary and Fun Wedding Dance Trends?

Grooms and brides are getting even more creative with the dances, and you are likely to see an array of moves from them on a dance floor. Some couples post them on YouTube and their social media accounts, so you have options to search what other people are doing.

Any of the following trends may be used for inspiration if you want to go down that route.

  • A choreographed ballroom dance featuring the well-rehearsed groom and bride. This usually takes hours of preparation.
  • Wedding party dances that look like stage productions. After all, what better ways to bond with groomsmen and bridesmaids than spending an evening in the lead up to the wedding day in a studio?
  • A surprise and choreographed dance to shake up a wedding reception. This usually starts out with slow steps before the music number stops; after that, the couples look at one another in a mock surprise expression and bust out moves that make their guests laugh.

What are Good Wedding Dance Etiquettes to Follow When it Comes to Music?

Choose a list of songs that suit your tastes and your guests’ sensibilities. Remember it is not practical to survey each and every guest and understand what they like based on the feedback. You will want to include your parents in the song selection process though, and add a few of their preferred numbers too. Usually, it is best to start out with mild music rather than hip-hop. Besides, let your guests know in a subtle way that the music on the day will change as the evening wears on, so that they can enjoy its earlier stages and stay put if they sense something that is not their cup of tea.

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