Everything you Need to Know about Hen’s Party

Hen’s Party
Hen’s Party Ideas

A hen’s party is actually a bachelorette bash that is organized for a woman who is about to get married shortly. Usually, hen’s parties are arranged on the previous night of their wedding day. It is actually to celebrate the last night of your singlehood.

Hen’s Party vs. Bridal Shower

Most people have a misconception that a hen’s party and a bridal shower is the same. Even though the idea of both the parties is the same, there are some small differences between the two. The former one is more of an extravagant affair and the latter is a subdued option. Besides, the guests will have to bring gifts for the bride-to-be in the case of a bridal shower, unlike a hen’s party. This is, in fact, the main advantage of having a bridal shower.

The bridal shower is actually a civilized affair and it is usually celebrated on a pleasant afternoon. The main attractions you can expect in a bridal shower are massage therapies, facials, and many other luxury treatments. Plus, you will also get some makeup lessons. At hen’s party, things will be a bit different.

What to Expect at Hen’s Party

Traditionally, a hen’s party is celebrated on the day before your wedding and it is usually considered as your last hurrah before settling down into a married life. Hence, it is more likely to be your last chance to go all wild. In order to boost up this, there will be plenty of drinks and a lot of crazy fun. Some of the common things that you may expect at hen’s parties include:

  • Tacky and funny accessories, such as bride and bridesmaid sashes, badges, t-shirts, and tracksuits
  • A tiara or veil for the bride to be; you can either make one by yourself or purchase one at stores
  • Daring games; it is recommended to be extra careful with this though
  • Matching outfits for the guests. As the bride is the center of attraction, she will be dressed up in white; all others will have to don a matching outfit. Usually, black or pink color codes are used in such parties
  • Stretch Hummers, Limousines, minibus, or other fun modes of transport are considered in order to take you and your girlfriends out

Where to Celebrate your Hen’s Party

Actually, there are many options for this, and you may choose one depending on your budget, lifestyle, and personality. Some of the common options for this include a party boat cruise, winery tour, a hottest nightclub at your place, casino, cozy cafes, local race day event, etc.

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