Points to Note While Preparing Wedding Party Guest List

Wedding Party
Wedding Party Guest List

The wedding day is your big day and you need to celebrate it to the most with your near and dear. Very often, it happens that couples miss to invite some important people to the wedding, unintentionally of course, maybe due to the excitement to get married or stress. However, if you had prepared a list of guests you will want to invite to your wedding party, it would ensure that you do not miss out anyone. Still, that is not as easy as it sounds. Worry not, below are some tips to help you in preparing the guest list for your wedding.

The Basics

List out your family and friends who will be invited to your wedding party. Start from the most important ones and list out almost everyone who comes to your mind at the time. Make sure to make this guest list along with your partner, as both the sides are important. Do not worry if you feel that the list is huge; you can re-edit it later.

The Number of Guests

You need to know the approximate number of guests to be invited so that you can enjoy a stress-free party. Imagine having a number of guests that is way beyond the venue capacity, or running out of food, and not having enough resources. You definitely do not want these to happen. So, have a clear picture about the number of guests attending the wedding party and then arrange all the necessities accordingly.

Cutting Rules

Guest List
Wedding Party Planning

Was your dream guest list too big to handle? Well, then now it is time to do some serious re-edits. People usually tend to cut off the names of people who have not talked with them for more than three years, or children in case it is an adults-only party, and unknown mutual friends, etc. Yet when doing so, make sure not to cut off the people who invited you to their wedding party.

Invitation Cards

Print the name of the guests you want to invite to your party on the invitation cards and ask for an RSVP. Make sure to include the names of specific people so that an entire uninvited family does not come together for your party. If you do not want to invite anyone like children if in the case of an adults-only party, you should mention that upfront too.

A Big No to Last Minute Add-ons

There are high chances that you will start remembering a few more names that you will like to add to the list at the last moment. In some cases, you might get a message like “I can’t wait to attend your wedding party” from someone whom you do not even want to invite, but chances are that you will end up inviting them. However, it would be good to avoid last minute guest list add-ons.

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