Tips to Nail your Wedding Seating Arrangement

Wedding Seating Arrangement
Wedding Party Planning

The wedding is one of the most important milestones in the life of every person, and hence, it must be unique and exceptional. In order to achieve the objective, you must pay special attention towards each and every aspect of your wedding party planning. This may include the wedding ring, the venue, the wedding cake, the wedding outfit, the wedding theme and decorations, food and beverages, the seating arrangement, wedding photography, games, and many more. Out of this, the wedding seating arrangement is one of the main things that most people overlook. Actually, the wedding seating arrangement plays a key role in sprucing up the overall ambiance of your wedding party.

Why Wedding Seating Arrangement is Significant?

It is true that assigning seats for your wedding guests is not mandatory, but this is a good practice to make things more comfortable and simple. This will be really helpful, especially when it comes to a sit-down dinner wedding party. In this case, it will be easier for you to ensure that a table is filled with maximum capacity. Additionally, this will make it easier for the catering staff to serve the food and beverages. For all these reasons, the wedding seating arrangement is considered significant in almost every wedding venue.

In most cases, you may find it overwhelming to assign particular seats for your guests, but you will find it entertaining and fun once you get into its swing. In order to help you out with this, below are some expert rules of thumb that will help you design the seating arrangements for your wedding guests.

Choose the Right Table Shape

There is a deep relationship between the shape of tables and the wedding seating arrangement. Actually, the shape and size of the table will let you figure out how many guests can be seated at a table. Some of the basic options when it comes to the table shapes are round, square, rectangular, and oval.

Out of this, rectangular shapes will be one of the brilliant options because it will fit comfortably at any type of venue. Additionally, the guests will be able to communicate well here since they are sitting face to face. On the other hand, round tables are the traditional options. Even though this type of tables will consume more space, it will offer more legroom for your guests.

Make your Friends Sit Together

Most people will be really nervous on their wedding day. Therefore, it will be one of the best ideas to keep your BFF’s close during your wedding dinner, so that you will be in your comfort zone. If possible, try to assign a head table for all your friends and their dates in order to appreciate their presence on your big day.

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There is a certain place for their table as well. There will be three best tables in your wedding party venue – the first one must be the sweetheart table, which is obviously for the couple of honor; the second best tables must be assigned to the parents of the bride and the groom; and the third one is the wedding party table, which must be assigned to your friends. Try to place it near the dance floor as well in order to make the night a happening one.

Take Opinion from your Parents While Assigning Seats for Their Friends

Just like your friends, your parents’ friends will also be invited to your wedding ceremony. Even if you know them well, it is better to take opinions from your parents while assigning seats to them. In fact, let your parents decide where to seat their friends.

Usually, there will be a table for parents, siblings, and grandparents. If your parents are interested and if there is enough room, they can include their close friends as well in that table. In this case, it will be really tricky for your parents since they will have to choose only a limited number of friends to sit with their family. Here, the main thing to be considered is to choose people who share good vibes and same wavelength as that of your family.

Categorize your Wedding Guests

Once you finalized your wedding guest list, try to put them in groups in order to make your wedding seating arrangement easier. You can start the grouping process on the basis of your relationship with them. That is, categorize them based on how you know them such as friends, family, colleagues, etc. Now, consider the age, likes, dislikes, and background of every guest in a group, and seat them accordingly.

Note that if you choose to accommodate people who share cold vibes with each other in the same table, any of their unwanted comments may completely ruin your wedding party. On the contrary, making people who share a good relationship with each other will make them feel comfortable and happy. So, be tactful. You can also choose to seat familiar faces as well as new faces together, but keeping their history in your mind. This will let you skip the singles table at your wedding venue as well.

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