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Wedding Themes
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The wedding ceremony is one of the most important occasions in the life of every couple. Hence, it ought to be special and fun. However, wedding functions can be stressful, especially when you are hosting the ceremony all by yourself. Apparently, there will be a number of responsibilities on your shoulders at the time, such as the wedding décor, catering, costumes, and all. Yet if you choose a theme for the event and plan things accordingly, it will be of great help to minimize the stress level as well as to save your time and energy. Besides, it will be easier for you to fit things in place with a unique and professional touch this way.

When it comes to wedding themes, there are numerous options available. So, it can be really challenging for you to pick one. To tackle this situation, the first thing you have to do is figure out what exactly do you prefer. For instance, think about whether you want a romantic wedding theme or prefer to keep it modern and fresh. Similarly, think about your budget as well in order to narrow down the theme options. In order to help you out, some of the interesting wedding themes that complement every bridal style are given below.

Romantic Wedding Themes

A romantic wedding theme is one of the timeless options that will not look outdated even after decades. Here, the décor and costumes are the major things that reflect the theme. The main things required to set up a romantic wedding appeal include soft hues, plenty of floral decors, delicate lighting, etc. Floral decors are important to create a romantic ambiance, and hence, it is better to include beautiful flowery bouquets all over the place. For instance, consider a wedding isle that is lined skillfully with white and pink lavenders. Additionally, use the same blooms to make an arch-like entrance.

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Romantic Wedding Themes

Other than that, choose warm lighting, white furniture, and ornate mirrors to lift up the overall vibes. When it comes to dresses, an elegant flared floor-length gown with some crystal detailing along with gold or silver jewelry pieces will be perfect to doll up a bride. If you want to boost up the romantic appeal, consider light pink or pastel hues for the gown.

Vintage Wedding Themes

A vintage wedding theme is best suited for couples who desire to feature the elegance of the bygone eras in their wedding function. The crucial things that you must take care of here are your costume, makeup, and decors. In case of costumes, lace is indispensable in vintage outfits. So, choose a gown that flaunts good lace works and gives it a modern flair by incorporating sheer sleeves, matching boleros, etc. A subtle color hue such as ivory, baby pink, slate grey, and gold will be ideal for the vintage color schemes.

To spruce up the overall ambiance, use unique shaped chandeliers and faux canopies made of billowy fabrics. Additionally use antique furniture pieces such as worn-in wooden chairs, weathered doors, etc., to exemplify the wedding theme. You can extend a vintage theme to food and serving plates as well. For instance, consider a menu that includes French baguettes and fresh lemonade in vintage bottles wrapped with beautiful craft papers.

Do not forget to highlight the menu by adding a five-tier all-white cake that features a monogram of couple’s initials, intricate detailing, and an old-fashioned cake figurine. Finally, drive away in a vintage car like a classic Volkswagen or Porsche and wrap up the ceremony.

Rustic Chic Theme

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Vintage Wedding Themes

Rustic chic wedding themes are getting more popular with every passing day because of the ultimate feel the theme offers. If this is your dream wedding style, the main thing that you must consider is the location for the wedding. Keep in mind whether you are planning to host a countryside, garden, or vineyard wedding while choosing the venue. Once you spotted a perfect location, you can easily choose complementary decors.

One of the main advantages of choosing a rustic chic wedding style is that it has three things in common: use of wood in multiple ways, natural landscapes, and showpieces that resembles the ones in your home or gardens like twines, mason jars, laces, string lights, etc. Hence, there is need to brainstorm much regarding these things.

For instance, consider a wedding that features an isle beautified using flowers and reclaimed wood. To doll up the bride, choose a simple and elegant wedding gown and consider soft-hued long gowns made of chiffon fabrics for bridesmaids. In order to raise the overall appeal, you can utilize wine barrels as cocktail table, bar, or even as décors. You may also design small partition using hay and hang notes or pictures that reflect on some of the interesting and funny moments in your life.

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