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You have probably attended quite a few weddings in your time and wondered what makes some more memorable than others. Here at My Wedding Lifestyle, we delve into the many aspects surrounding wedding ceremonies, and the ways in which these can be tweaked to get the most out of a wedding experience. There are plenty of things to consider, such as the venue, theme, decorations, dress code, degree of formality, and of course, ring. It takes a lot of work to throw a truly awesome wedding, but if you have time and effort to spare, this is doable.

Every girl dreams of her wedding day from childhood, and it is only right that reality mirrors expectation so that she gets something resembling her dream wedding. Even guests look forward to being entertained and fed, while children expect to be able to enjoy themselves or do something important, like being in a group of flower girls and ring bearers. In short, everyone needs to remember this as a wonderful day. At My Wedding Lifestyle, we are passionate about helping you achieve that and more, with advice on how to plan various details.

Extravagant functions are rarely all that they are hyped up to be. Your budget doesn’t need to be big enough to accommodate excessive expense; being smart about what you spend on is half the battle. We at My Wedding Lifestyle focus more on how the bride and groom are dressed, who gets invited to the function and the different ways to make sure you get spectacular photos worthy of admiration. We publish posts covering diverse topics including food, gifts, and who gets the second dance with the bride.

The wedding ring is one of the biggest things about any marriage ceremony. We offer advice on everything under that, starting from picking out the ring, to picking the person to trust with carrying it safely to the altar. You can personalize your vows too, but make sure you whip up something special that everyone is bound to nod at. We write about all this, so you have plenty of information to work with if you are getting married soon.