Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Wedding Bar

After Wedding Party
After Wedding Party
Wedding Party Tips

Guests at a wedding are always happy that a loved one is getting hitched, but let’s face it: the thing they like best about the affair is the food and the drinks. This is why wedding bars abound, and although setting one up may seem like child’s play, there is a lot more to it than simply serving random wine, beer, or liquor. Following are two tips from experts on setting up the perfect bar for people to enjoy on your big day, after wedding party ideas have been decided.

Interview the Bartender you are Hiring

After deciding on setting up a wedding bar to show your appreciation over the wedding party gifts you will get, the first order of business is to interview the bartender. You don’t just want them to be good at the job that they do, but also bring some next-level personality to the whole affair of mixing and serving drinks. In other words, they need to have extensive knowledge on all the kinds of booze you are interested in offering guests, and also be able to make things lively for all drinkers.

Have a Good Idea of What you Serve

You need to be clear on what is on the menu, with the setup catering to all kinds: heavy drinkers, light drinkers, non-drinkers, and dancers. For the heavy drinkers that show up, you can serve hard alcohol, signature cocktails, and beer. Where the beer is concerned, allow for two options, and maybe consider offering craft beer. Hard alcohol lovers would really appreciate having more than one of the six main types: rum, vodka, scotch, tequila, gin, and bourbon. If you want specialty options in there, serve Cointreau, Kahlua, or Schnapps as well.

For non-drinkers, you will want more than just tea or water. Sodas can be a great option for sipping, and light drinkers can have a weak cocktail or a sip wine. For wine, make sure there is something refreshing in the light white category, and serve a contrasting full-bodied red wine as well, along with a blush to serve as a good middle.

For those that like to let loose on the dance floor, the one thing they will need after they sweat it up is water. Have bottled water ready for them to grab so that they can get back out there as quickly as they wish. If you decide to go with a water station, ensure there are plastic cups there.

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