Cutting and Polishing Diamonds from a Rough Stone

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It requires many steps to take a rough diamond and change it into a beautiful stone of good symmetry and shape. The diamond industry makes use of cutting and polishing to get a beautiful diamond from a rough stone. Diamond cutting is a process that should be done by a professional who has very good knowledge in the field. It needs unique tools and equipments to cut a diamond and should be done very carefully, as an every decision that you make while cutting the diamond can affect profitability.

There are a few considerations, which you need to make while planning to cut a rough diamond. One of the first things is to decide on the shape of the stone, i.e. oval, round, or pear shaped. The second thing to note is the proportion of the facets and the quality of cut that is used. These factors are usually decided with the help of computer simulations.

Cutting and Polishing a Diamond

As diamonds are the hardest natural substance available in the planet, we can only use a diamond to cut another one. Another alternative is to use laser to cut them; however, the use of laser is very much limited to the bruting and cleaving processes. The tools that are used include diamond bladed discs or edges and these tools will be lined in diamond dust.

The process of cutting and polishing diamonds include five steps – cleaving, planning, bruting, polishing, and inspecting. The time consuming process is planning to cut the rough diamond, as this step decides the final value of the finished and polished stone. In the process of planning, the cutter will decide on the best possible shapes for the diamond, so as to minimize stone wastage and maximize rough stone yield.

In usual cases, a Sarin machine is used to map the stone and take accurate measurements. With these collected data, the cutter makes use of computer software to formulate 3D models of the stone to find the best way to optimize the rough stone. In the cleaving step, the rough stone is split into different pieces, so as to allow the cutter to work on the pieces independently. At this stage, mechanical sawing can also be used and in case of odd shaped rough stones, the sawing can also be done with the help of tools like lasers.

Bruting is used to make the pieces round, so this process is also referred to as girdling. In this step, two diamonds are placed on a spinning wheel and made to turn across each other. The stones are made to grind against each other providing a rough girdle finish to them.

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