Five Alternatives to a Natural Diamond for an Engagement Ring

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If you cannot afford to buy a natural diamond engagement ring for your lover, then you would want one set with a different gemstone. These gems look just like a diamond but cost a lot less than the latter.


Moissanite is a very rare gem, which is made up of meteorite fragment. It has a similar appearance to a diamond. Most moissanite gems are grown in laboratories these days because the natural counterparts are incredibly rare. Natural moissanite is not as durable as a diamond, but still has a score of 9.25 on the Mohs scale. The appearance of this gem is so similar to diamond that when Henri Moissan found it in 1893, he first thought it was a diamond. It is no wonder Henri Moissan was tricked – it takes a sharp eye to identify the difference between moissanite and diamonds.

White Sapphire

Sapphires have deep blue shade, but these gems come in other colors including white. White sapphire is rare, but its blue counterpart has more demand. This means that white sapphires are extremely affordable than blue sapphires. White sapphire comes at a fraction of the price of a diamond. Look for white sapphire with ‘AAA’ quality rating and ensure that you are getting the natural gem, rather than one with synthetically altered color.

White Topaz

You may recognize topaz as an orange or blue gem, but it can also be white. Topaz scores 8 on the Mohs scale, and it is not as hard as sapphire or moissanite. That said, topaz can withstand everyday wear and tear pretty well. You will see small scratches on topaz over time, so the gem will be less stunning after a very long time. However, a one-carat white topaz will cost a lot less than a diamond, so its budget-friendliness cannot be denied.

White Zircon

When cut well, white zircon can rival the brilliance of diamonds. Be wary of white zircon gemstones which have been treated to enhance their color. Any jeweler worth their salt will reveal this information when you ask, and will give you a natural one instead. If you are popping the question in December, then this is the best birthstone for your December-born girl.

Lab-Created Diamond

Natural diamonds are the byproducts of extreme pressure and heat deep beneath the surface of the earth. Lab-made diamonds are exposed to the same circumstances, yet are made in a laboratory in just a few weeks. The best part is that affordable engagement rings have lab-created diamonds. These man-made stones are up to 30% affordable than their natural counterparts.

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