Jennifer Aniston Woos the Golden Globes with Big Diamond Ring

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Jennifer Aniston bagged a Golden Globes nomination for ‘Best Performance by an Actress In A Television Series’ in the drama category. She was looking chick and stunning in nigh-monochromatic black, clad in a stunning strapless gown featuring a big train/robe trailing along the floor.

Another noteworthy element in Aniston’s Golden Globes ensemble was a chunky ring on her left-hand finger. For photographers and paparazzi, it had that ‘click here’ appeal.

The media is yet to discover what this piece of jewelry means, but people are speculating about Aniston’s engagement with her wearing it on her left-hand finger. People wear their engagement ring between this finger between the pinky and the middle finger. So it is understandable where the speculations are coming from.

There are more reasons for the media to speculate than just the ring she wore to the 77th Annual Golden Globes. Just recently, the 50-year-old actress was spotted holidaying in Mexico alongside her comedy film Office Christmas Party’s director,  Will Speck. They were photographed bidding a farewell in October 2019 after a night meal in LA, California.

It is yet to be confirmed whether Speck gave Aniston this ring, but the Golden Globes piece is worth looking at. She accessorized her hair with a diamond necklace and this ring.

The actor and Justin Therouxended their marital relationship in the recent past, so she is again single. What adds to the speculations is Aniston’s liking for rings with big diamonds. Even the one from Theorux featured a big solitaire, weighing between 8 and 9 carats. It was fairly simple for a celebrity engagement ring, with a simple yellow gold setting suiting the stunning blond coloring of ‘America’s Sweetheart’.

Like that ring, the one she wore to the film award ceremony has a stunning diamond that is highlighted by a solitaire setting. It is the kind of design that makes the stone stand out from the rest of the ring elements.

Celebrity engagement rings are often immoderate, and while this ring has a rather simple design, it grabs our attention.

Aniston is known for her star-making role in the television series titled ‘Friends’. After the Golden Globes, Aniston also appeared at the Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony with lots of branded jewelry. In the latter event, the media’s attention was more on her branded pieces of jewelry unlike the solitaire ring she wore to this function.

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