Kim Kardashian CBD Party Ideas


American TV personality, Kim Kardashian West has hosted and taken part in many baby showers with her loved ones. So it is safe to say that she knows a thing or two about how to host these events. The baby shower that caught all the headlines was the one that she and her husband Kanye West held to mark the imminent arrival of their son. It was themed around an emerging hemp plant derivative called CBD. Cannabidiol may be known for its health properties, but using it for a social function was an out of the box idea.

Kim Kardashian West informed People Magazine of her plan to host a cannabidiol-themed baby shower because she was “obsessed with everything CBD.” Her family’s event was themed “CBD and Meditation”, and for a good reason. The baby shower had the kind of things one would not normally expect to see in this kind of event. It had an area where individuals were able to create cannabidiol-filled baby oils and bath salts. They all relaxed by inhaling hemp oil and rubbing CBD cream on the body. It still seems a wholly original way of group relaxation.

To cap it all, the guests at the Kardashian party were provided with CBD-filled tea when the event drew to a close. The drink helps one to calm down, thanks mainly to CBD’s properties. What Kim Kardashian West’s party taught us is that there should be no hard and fast rules in regard to hosting a social event. Organizers could take any event to a level that is not explored before if they are willing to be creative to the hilt. The sky is the limit, as they say, and this applies to wedding ceremonies as well.

So there is no reason why you cannot apply creative ideas in a wedding that are similar to the ones Kardashian and her family implemented. On that note, let us look at this guide on how to include CBD in a wedding event.

  1. Hand Out CBD Wedding Favors

Are you keen on knowing how to incorporate the hemp-derived substance into a wedding without spending more than what you can afford? If yes, a cheap and simple plan is to give out CBD wedding favors. For an uninitiated, wedding favors are presents distributed to guests as a token of thanks from the groom and bride. After spending much time dancing on the floor and having several glasses of champagne, guests would be deeply appreciative of the benefits of cannabidiol.

CBD helps to deal with several health conditions, and it can be consumed for general health and wellness purpose. CBD is beneficial to health in many different ways, and it has no mind-altering effects. It activates cannabinoid receptors that are part of the human endocannabinoid system. The ECS is what regulates body systems and keeps all the things balanced.

So, think about giving out the following CBD wedding favors.


Produce tea tins or mugs having the initials of the bride and groom so that CBD tea leaves can be put in these items. Cannabidiol’s soothing properties go well with peppermint or chamomile teas, and consuming this concoction will help to sleep better at night.

Plan to give out the tins or mugs to guests as a reminder of their special time at your wedding. You could even put handwritten tags in each tin or mug that reveal details about cannabidiol and brewing.

CBD Bath Bombs And Soaps

CBD-filled skincare items such as soaps and bath bombs also make great cannabidiol wedding favors. Just keep in mind that these items will be best suited to an informal and rustic reception.

Choose any product that is categorized as ‘immunity CBD bath bomb’. It is white, so you can choose it and change the color to match your wedding décor. Otherwise, choose the immunity bath bomb of the color that goes with the décor. An idea is to display the bath bombs on wedding furniture with a small note informing guests that they can take these items home. Just attach tags that have every single guest’s table number and name on the bath bombs. Whether you have allocated seating or are yet to assign where to sit, the idea will work amazingly.

It will be good to give these as wedding favors to people who are not aware of cannabidiol.  Albeit they do not know what CBD is, they will likely be aware of bath bombs. You just inform them that cannabidiol is a product with medicinal properties, and that soaking in the bath bomb will be good for their health.

CBD Candies And Confections

When it comes to wedding favors, nothing is more traditional and certain to appease most people than chocolate or candy. Why not go the extra mile by choosing CBD-filled gummies or chocolate bars. The good thing with either of the products is that these will not cost you too much money. You could go down the DIY route if you want to, but just bear in mind that there are so many CBD brands out there.

Just purchase any of these manufactured products in bulk, and have these all wrapped in DIY packaging. This way, you can add that personal touch your guests may be expecting at the wedding ceremony.

If you are seeking a more informal and carefree approach, then consider choosing CBD cotton candy and CBD marshmallows as party favors.

  1. Serve CBD-Infused Drinks

There are some options for you to take in this regard too. Just remember that CBD-filled cocktails are trending in the world of weddings. Do you plan to have a bar set up at the reception to serve drinks for free? If you do, then think about having a unique CBD cocktail or two there as the main drink. Some bartenders tend to choose spirits that have stronger flavors such as bourbon, tequila or mescal for the cocktails.

Consider having CBD-filled ‘hors d’oeuvre’ dishes served alongside the cocktails. Just be sure to have every CBD-filled food and beverage labeled correctly so that people can know what they consume.

Set Up A Designated CBD Smoking Space

Not everyone prefers to smoke, and there is nothing wrong with that. Some individuals would want to do it even when they are in public. Do you know that some will come to the event expecting to have a puff? You might want to have a space set up specifically for them to smoke. Just add cannabidiol in the event so that even those who are not habitual smokers can do it with pleasure.

Have some ashtrays put there in addition to quality hemp strains containing some of the best CBD concentrations available in the market. Even think about renting lounge furniture pieces to achieve the precise vibes you would like to have there for guests.

Just be sure to have all the things correctly labeled so that they can know what they are smoking. We suggest providing three hemp varieties for them to pick from, including CBD pre-rolls. It is easy to purchase these CBD products online. These will keep the users attentive and clear-headed, and at the same time, will ease their physical and mental stress.

Other Ways To Include CBD In The Wedding

Your CBD themed wedding can incorporate more things than some of the above-mentioned. Cannabidiol can be included in the event in a way that is more creative, easy and fun-filled.

Think about giving wedding party members CBD wedding emergency kits, which can be utilized whenever they want to during the big day. Rehearsal dinner that has a CBD theme can be served to help people wind down and prepare for your wedding. For an uninitiated, the dinner is held after the ceremony rehearsal on the night ahead of the wedding.

After the dinner, start the wedding day on a grand note with a large, celebratory brunch featuring CBD wines and CBD mimosas.

Besides, the source plant of CBD, namely hemp, can also be incorporated into your wedding as part of floral arrangement. It is not uncommon to have the plant in wedding floral arrangements. Floral designing with hemp may be a novel concept, but many florists expect it to be the new norm in the near future.

Use CBD To Clear Jitters Before Your Wedding

A wedding often creates more stress for many individuals who are associated with the event, especially in the days leading up to it. CBD tincture can help to ease these pre-wedding issues. You and those who will accompany you at the wedding can relieve heel pain by rubbing some CBD cream on the area. To not wake up with any after-effects of the celebration, use CBD-filled capsules before bedtime to defend against a hangover.

Using cannabidiol as a topical product is an excellent way to have glowing skin. CBD has antioxidants that can not only purify your body but also protect your skin from any toxic substance. The CBD item will also have many restorative vitamins that can nourish the skin and protect it.

Cannabidiol can be great for the skin. You can easily include CBD cosmetics in the day-to-day skincare routine for stress relief. CBD-filled hair serum will make your hair stronger and moisturized.

The human body has internal chemical substances that are known as endocannabinoids. Consuming CBD-filled supplements will aid in keeping the human endocannabinoid system in top condition. The ECS is vital to basal cells’ life cycle. Cannabidiol brings about youthful and glowing skin by regulating the cellular life cycle. So cannabidiol can help you the bride to have a wedding-ready radiance for the photography session on the big day.

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