5 Top Wedding Destinations In the World

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Wedding Dress Styles
Wedding Dress Styles

Marriage is the most precious occasion in a couple’s life that brings them together. Many do not want an ostentatious wedding whereas many others do not mind spending on making memories during the celebration. People come up with new trends and ideas to make occasions like these different and special. One such trend is the “destination wedding” where the wedding happens in a beautiful, exotic place. Apart from being just locations for weddings, these places are also tourist attractions with historic value, stunning scenery or anything that make people flabbergasted. The aim of conducting a destination wedding is to enjoy the auspicious occasion with their loved ones in a unique place. Here are the famous destinations where the most number of weddings are held.

Negril, Jamaica

In its beautiful beaches with turquoise clear water, the sunrise and sunset are otherworldly sights that will leave you wanting more. The city is packed with luxury hotels with views for your eyes to feast on and the authentic Jamaican cuisine will ravish your taste buds. This paradise-like city will give your wedding a sophisticated touch.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai is “the perfect” place to get married. With a yellow bright desert and an equally astonishing beach with clear blue water, you will not find a better place to get married. Having people from different cultures and backgrounds, you can enjoy luxury shopping, modern architecture, and flamboyant nightlife.

Vail, Colorado

Are you adventurous? Get married in Vali to experience new adventures that will give you memorable journeys and adrenalin rushes. Being under the shadow of the great mountain Vali, this place snows during winter and has amazing activities during summer, making it worth visiting during any time of the year.

Cinigiano, Italy

Situated near the famous city of Florence, Cinigiano has a beautiful landscape flaunted by mountains. Since it is a small city, you will find affordable venues made of stones that have a historic touch to it. It is the best choice if you are planning to hold a traditional wedding in a rustic and country-side atmosphere.

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Green is what this will look like. Being located in the Western Cape province of South Africa and filled with vineyards, Stellenbosch will make your wedding look serene and peaceful.   It has an exclusive range of boutiques and art galleries that will add more to your shopping list. Its architectural history shows the Africa’s Dutch colonial history.

Once the destination of the wedding is set, you can choose from a variety of wedding dress styles. You can also find bakeries willing to discuss about wedding cake ideas fitting your theme.

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