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The bridal makeup completely depends based on the bride; simply put, a makeup that looks awesome on one bride may look terrible on another. Most of the brides get so excited about the planning and preparations going on that they absolutely forget on choosing their perfect hairstyle and makeup.

It is often seen that the choice of hairstyle and makeup are considered when the wedding day approaches near. However, if you are someone who is super organized and likes to plan everything ahead of time, you are at the right place. Below are 5 trendy bridal makeup looks you can try now and be ready for your big day.

Pink and Rose Gold Eye Makeup

You would really look extra special on your espousal if you give rose gold eye makeup a try. The blend of pink in the rose gold would surely add a tremulous gleam to your eyes. This could match your lip color or even blend with your wedding theme.

Soft Pink Lips and Silver Eye Makeup

Enhancing your cheeks by contouring is a perfect way to look flawless and show off your gorgeous looks on your wedding day. If the eye makeup is heavy, then go for soft lip color. You could also try the silver eye makeup, because that would add a surprising element to your eyes.

Choosing a soft pink shade for your lips would surely get along with the silver eye makeup. It is also important to ensure that you have a flawlessly groomed brow.

Classic Old Hollywood Look

This classy Hollywood makeup style looks truly graceful, dreamy, and lustrous. You could also add sparkle to your eye by touching up your eye corners with glitter. A bronze blush and soft lips and will go perfectly with this look.

Smokey Winged Eyeliner

Many girls prefer smoky eyes for their everyday makeup, and when it comes to the bridal makeup, you definitely would not like it to look a bit bare when compared to your regular makeup. To avoid this look, you could choose smokey winged eyeliner style. You would be able to intensify the look by adding false eyelashes and a splash of glitter to it. This look would also go well with a dark eye shadow.

Cut Crease

It was Kim Kardashian, who made this bridal makeup practice popular. This makeup technique is really trending now, so you can ask your makeup artist to try it on you as well. It is a good idea to make use of a spoon to get the perfect outcome out of this beautiful cut crease style.

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