8 Expensive Traditions you Can Skip in Wedding Ceremonies

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Wedding Traditions
Expensive Wedding Traditions

Weddings are definitely one of the costliest affairs in one’s lifetime. While the money is to be spent on the ceremony that hosts the sacred union of two people, there are certain traditions that end up creating unnecessary expenses. Along the years, such wedding traditions have been carried forward by couples and are still continued in a majority of weddings. In fact, studies suggest that about 70% of couples go into debt after their wedding. Considering these facts, there is a dire need to re-evaluate your choices regarding the wedding traditions and decide whether to include them or just skip them.

Traditional Wedding Venues and Traditional Times

It has been a long tradition to conduct weddings at famous wedding venues. While these venues might be beautiful, they are very expensive and take a large chunk off your savings. If truth be told, many couples have realized this and are choosing cheaper venues such as historic libraries, pop-up barns, or large homes with adequate space.

Furthermore, weddings are usually held on a Saturday night. As prices of wedding venues spike during this time, you can choose to conduct your wedding on Thursday or Friday, or even on a Sunday evening. You can also choose to marry during the offseason, which will also be a huge relief in terms of prices.

Inviting People Out of Obligation

In today’s scenario, inviting a person to your wedding will cost you about $200. Therefore, when you are planning to invite one of your distant relatives, you need to think twice. Make sure you do not use your wedding as an excuse to reconnect with the ones whom you have not met for like a year. Instead, it should be a celebration of love with the people closest to your hearts.

Do not feel guilty about removing an unnecessary guest off your list. Just remember that you have to arrange food, silverware, drinks, tables, linens, chairs, and a lot more every guest.

Floral Bouquets and Decorations

Floral bouquets and decorations cost you a fortune on weddings. It is estimated to be around $5,000 per wedding. Such huge figures are the reason why many couples have decided to arrange all the decorative items themselves. This is a great idea as the accessories will all have individuality and the expenses can be lowered drastically. You can choose to design your own centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres, which will save you around one-third of the expenses on decorative items.

Buying a New Designer Wedding Dress

It is one of the most common traditions to go for a new designer wedding dress. This is also a costly affair, so several brides are opting for the numerous alternatives available to buy wedding dress. For instance, you can find several websites that sell adorable wedding gowns at affordable rates. There are also rental services, which will give you a beautiful dress for your special occasion. These options are not only cheaper than buying a new designer dress, but they also have a big catalog that allows you to choose your favorite wedding dress.

Wedding Stationery Expenses

Wedding Venues
Wedding Day Tips

One of the most important things to remember before your wedding is that several items that you buy are going to be useless post-wedding ceremony. Such items include return RSVP cards, wedding programs, and so on. Remember that there are several means by which communications could be made nowadays. There are websites that enable your guests to RSVP quickly. Notify your guests after creating an account and you can avoid printing physical invitation.

Retail Gift Registries

At the time of the wedding, women and men are usually well established in their lives. This means that they really do not need the traditional gifts that include a variety of kitchen items. Instead, they can do many beneficial things if they receive the money. Today, it is possible to receive money as a gift from your friends and family through several of the online platforms available. This way, you can find money for something useful, such as your honeymoon, if you let your guests know about this. It is definitely a much better alternative than allowing your guests to spend money on things that would not be of much use afterward.

Champagne Toast

It is another traditional manner to do a champagne toast on the wedding day. This has, in fact, become very expensive with caterers charging you exorbitant amounts of money. However, if you know about a wedding, then you will certainly acknowledge that the contents of your glass make little difference to the heat of the ceremony. This is just a tradition that has been followed down the years. You can think about much cheaper alternatives and avoid this extra expense.

The Cake Cutting Ceremony

Caterers charge very high amount of money for wedding cakes. You can choose to save a lot of money here by choosing the other alternatives available such as macaroons, donuts, truffles, cupcakes, or tarts. This will also make your wedding ceremony more unique and special.

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