Comparison Between Traditional Wedding And Modern Wedding


A wedding is one of the most important days in the life of a couple. It is the day when two separate people are bound together for a lifetime. The tradition of the wedding started in the ancient ages and it is still being followed by the people. Even though the crust of a wedding is still the same, there are lots of changes that have occurred in the wedding style, dressing, party, etc. over time. Presently, we can clearly see a lot of changes that have taken place in a wedding ceremony and some of those differences between the modern and traditional wedding are shared below.

The Venue

The choice of venue is one of the biggest changes that has happened in a wedding ceremony during the past few years. From the ancient age, the wedding is considered as a divine act and it was necessary to be conducted in front of God. For this purpose, the weddings were conducted in churches and other religious centers.

The modern day wedding is also considered as a union of two people in front of God and the ceremony and vows are still given its religious importance. However, there is a change in the taste of people for choosing the venue. Earlier it was conducted on religious grounds but it is now taking place on places that are both comfortable and affordable to the people. Presently, many wedding ceremonies are conducted in the backyard of houses for a different experience.

Invitation And Dress Code

Traditionally, it is the duty of the bride’s family to take care of the funding for the invitation and the ceremony. It was also a tradition to mention the names of the parents and family names of the bride and groom before listing their names. The invitations usually had only the date, time and venue of the ceremony and the dress codes were not specified in them.

The modern day wedding invitations are entirely different from that of traditional ones. Nowadays, the names of the bride and groom are mentioned in an invitation and the names of their parents will be having only a secondary position, even if they are funding for the ceremony. The modern invitation also specifies the color theme or dress codes that the guests are expected to wear for the ceremony.

Pre Marriage Party

It is a common tradition among people to throw a party for close friends and relatives before the wedding night. This party will be conducted separately by the bride and groom and they are set up by the siblings or close friends of the couples. The only rule of the traditional pre wedding party is that both the about to get married pupil should not make contact during that time.

The modern day pre wedding party is entirely different from that of traditional parties. It is mostly set up by the bride and groom themselves. It is also arranged together because they may be having a common friend circle.

Parameters Traditional Wedding Modern Wedding
Venue Church No Specific Place
Invitation No Dress Code Mentioned Dress Code Mentioned
Pre Wedding Party Set Individually Set Together
Wedding Gift Choice Of Guests Choice Of Couples
Speech Specific Order No Specific Order

Wedding Gifts

It is a tradition among the guests to give gifts to the newly wedded couples during their marriage ceremony. In earlier times, there were not many options for gifting the couples and most of them used to give things which like cutleries, clocks, etc. Most of the traditional gifts were things that can be used for their daily use.

Even though the gifting tradition is old, the gift ideas for a marriage ceremony has evolved a lot. In most cases, it has now become a practice to give money as a gift to the bride and groom. And the modern day gift items include tickets for a journey, a dinner reservation at an elite hotel, etc. Nowadays, people have also started seeking recommendations from couples to make the gift useful.

Wedding Speeches

Speeches are one of the most entertaining parts of a wedding ceremony. The close relative of the bride and groom will make speeches about the couples, and also speeches thanking the guests and all the people who are present for the ceremony. Traditionally, there was an implied order for making the speech, that is the father of the bride will speak first, then the groom and finally the best man.

However, now no such order is followed during a wedding ceremony. Everyone is free to deliver their bit whenever they please and also the guests are also given an opportunity to share their memories about the couples.

There are a lot of changes that have happened in the marriage ceremonies over time. If we look closer, we can see that there are so many difference in the dress code, selection of theme, food and even on cakes used for a modern and traditional wedding.

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