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Plenty of planning goes into making a wedding ceremony both memorable and unique by all means. If you are tying the knot for the second time in life, you may want to get right to the point of becoming husband and wife by skipping some of the common things that may lead to planning woes. Luckily, there will be less stress on you since there really is not a traditional take on how a remarriage should go. Instead, the couple’s individual style dictates the tone of the wedding. Below are some creative ideas for a second time wedding.

Tie the Knot in an Intimate Venue

Consider hosting a destination wedding ceremony, and try to make it different from your earlier wedding. This can help avoid comparison between both. This is an ideal choice for those who want to tie the knot in a relatively casual setting with a handful of close friends and family member by their side, or for those who are looking to combine both the wedding and honeymoon costs.

Skip the Walking Down the Aisle Part

Instead of following the tradition, consider starting your wedding ceremony with the receiving line. Play select music of your preference, stand together, and welcome your guests as they come to the venue and take their seats. Once they are settled, you can have the wedding officiant walk up to you, or you can walk to him near the altar.

For something more casual, skip the conventional setup altogether. For instance, have your guests form a circle, while you stand in the heart of it to exchange the vows. This is easily possible if the number of guests is smaller.

Get your Kids Involved in the Wedding

Remarriage provides the opportunity to involve one’s kids in the whole process. Maybe the simplest of ways to do it is to write their name in place of your parent’s on the wedding invitation card, and word it in a way that indicates they are actually giving away their parents.

In case you would rather have your kids involved on the wedding day, ask them to be your honor attendant. Else, have them take part in the ceremony by either making them do a reading or even officiate it. In several states, it is quite easy to be a temporary wedding officiate. Thus, more couples are taking advantage of the opportunity of having their loved ones marry them rather than a customary officiant.

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