Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

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Wedding Reception Ideas

As the wedding reception is a crucial part of the wedding ceremony, it is essential to add a few elements that help you make it memorable. The most enjoyable parties add unique and fun touches that allow the guests to talk and smile a lot as they go through the party. Consider the ideas below as you arrange the wedding reception in a fun way

Arrange Seating Interestingly

This may seem obvious, but never underestimate the impact of a good seating arrangement. Let guests sit with people they like to be with. Although it may seem a great idea to mix strangers, they are present there for you and to meet their old friends. A carefully planned seating chart helps to create a meaningful conversation. This will lead to a memorable dance party and a night your guests would remember. Make your teen cousins sit together and allow your college friends to be together

Hand Out Interesting Favors

Wedding favors should underline the attractive wedding reception. Allow the guests to know your appreciation for them by giving them a treat like the hot cocoa mix, your favorite coffee beans, doughnuts, jars of local honey, or marshmallows. You may also provide a pair of sunglasses with your initials engraved or gift a succulent plant.

Keep Toasts Short and Sweet

Wedding toasts should always prioritize quality above quantity. Make sure that everyone who presents a toast would not drag any longer than a couple of minutes. If there are any longer ones, allow people to share their toasts at the rehearsal dinner.

Plan Something separate for Kids

To ensure that the small ones are entertained, add a specific area for them in the reception venue. This will not only keep them engaged but allow the parents to hit the floor. Use a separate area. You can spice things up a little by adding some small properties like chocolates, games, toys, movies, or crafts intended for kids. Do not forget to assign the area to a babysitter. There are also attractive properties you may add such as coloring books, crayons, or other books.

Plan a Surprise

An unexpected event could be what makes the party memorable. You can surprise and engage your guests with entertainment like magic during the reception or cocktail hour. You may even bring a salsa dancer, mariachi band, or aerialists.

Include the above elements to give your guests a memorable experience at the reception.

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