Important Points That You Must Know Before Buying Vintage Style Wedding Rings

Vintage Style Wedding Rings
Vintage Style Wedding Rings
Vintage Style Wedding Rings

Antique or vintage style wedding rings is the newest trend in wedding jewelry because of the fascination of people with olden times. These rings are set apart by their intricate designs like floral and cathedral settings. They can be custom designed to suit your partner’s preferences or readymade designs can be bought from a jeweler. It is always recommended to buy vintage engagement or wedding rings from a reputed vendor to ensure their quality. Read on to know more about the important points that you must keep in mind before buying a vintage style wedding ring.

Why Choose Vintage Or Antique Style Wedding Rings?

The main reason couples choose vintage style wedding rings is because of their intricate and non-traditional designs compared to modern designs. This gives these rings a classic, elegant, and timeless look that can be passed down to future generations. A multitude of design and material choices are available when designing a customized antique wedding ring. For instance, two popular choices are fancy milligram design and floral starburst; there are many variations of these two depending on the design parameters. The ring material can be made using white gold, platinum, rose gold, or yellow gold. In some replication of antique wedding rings, gold is used exclusively.

The Cost Of Vintage Style Wedding Rings

Many factors determine the cost of a vintage style wedding ring, and usually, and it ranges between $900 to $20,000. The quality of the center stone used is one of the main factors that determine its price; for diamonds, it is mainly decided by the 4Cs. The most widely chosen center stone is a 1-carat diamond. But nowadays more people are opting for almost 1-carat diamonds, i.e. 0.90-carat, 0.99-carat, 0.61-carat, and so on. This is because these stones cost significantly lower than a 1 carat stone.

You can find vintage style wedding rings in different price ranges. For example, a regal frame wedding ring with a round cut 0.90 carat H SI1 diamond can cost around $4,170, while a vintage cathedral milgrain ring with round cut 0.61-carat diamond with VS2 clarity and I color will cost about $2,470. Furthermore, most couples spend between $5,000 and $7,500 for diamond wedding or engagement rings. Above all, people choose a vintage or antique design because they prefer this style, and it is not dictated by the price.

Compared to traditional designs, vintage designs require more care and maintenance because of the intricate designs. At times, the design of antique rings steals the attention away from the center stone. Above all, you must put extra care to maintain the beauty of these rings.

These are the important points that you must be aware of when selecting vintage style wedding rings.

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