Weddings During COVID-19 Pandemic: What All Have Changed?

Weddings During COVID-19
Weddings During COVID-19
Weddings During COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic putting the whole world indoors, weddings are no longer happening the old way. Now it is not just our convenience that matters while planning weddings. The degree of severity of the pandemic at your location has to be thoroughly analyzed before heading off with your wedding plans. In this article, we discuss some tips that will help you plan your wedding during the COVID-19 crisis.

Keep Track Of The COVID-19 Reports In Your Place 

The government’s take on the number of people allowed to assemble in private and public function is largely influenced by the number of COVID-19 reports in that locality. If you have made up your mind about getting married before the pandemic ends, you will already know that you may not be able to invite all of your friends and relatives to the wedding. If the authorities have set an upper limit for the guests at the wedding, ensure that you do not invite more than that number of people for the wedding.

Make All Arrangements For Live Streaming Your Wedding 

All the important people in your life may not be able to attend the wedding in person due to the restrictions imposed in response to COVID-19. You can still ensure that they witness the important day in your life by live-streaming it. You can either ask your photographers to stream the wedding live on their official social media platform or you can stream it live through your social media account (ask your friends or relatives to do the video recording). When you do it, make sure that no technical errors are made in the process. If needed, you may run a test live stream.

Make The Wedding Arrangements By Sticking To The COVID Protocol 

Social distancing is the globally recommended measure to prevent COVID-19 infection. WHO recommends maintaining a distance of at least 1 meter (3 feet) between yourself and others. The seating arrangements at the wedding have to be made by keeping this in mind. Minimizing person to person interactions is the best solution to prevent the rapid spread of the pandemic.

Ensure that the guests at the wedding follow the necessary guidelines like using face masks that have become more of an essential accessory in daily life.

The willingness to sideline some of your fun and entertainment for the sake of public health and safety is a sign of socially responsible individuals. After all, this pandemic is not going to extend to an eternity and the good old days when you can walk carefree are not that far away.

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