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Wedding Dress Styles
Wedding Dress Styles
Wedding Dress Styles

If you are a type of person, who can manage anything and anyone except long hair; then you will love the read. Rather than going for hair extensions to go alongside your wedding dress styles; a style that short and fabulous hair of yours and be yourself. Continue reading to find out the best of short hair wedding styles.

Twisted Back Bob

It is ideal for the brides who love a quickie hairstyle. Part your hair and twist it on either side. While pushing it in for that voluminous look, pin it in place. And voila! You are all set to accessorize it.

Piecey Braid

This hairstyle is all about giving you that ‘see-em-wearing-a-halo’ look. Wet your hair with your preferred hair product and start doing a crown braid. This is a complicated hairstyle, especially with short hair. That said, this hairstyle says that you are a sophisticated bride.

Mini Bun Up-Do

Wedding hairstyles and buns are age-old favorites of brides. Instead of going for one big bun in the center, make it three small buns to suit your short hair. They say, the more the merrier, correct?

Funky Top Knot

While doing wedding shopping, if you have laid eyes on that perfect hair accessory to club with your wedding outfit; go for the funky top knot. Simple knots and complex accessories are a fabulous combination. Simply make a top knot and show off that beauty! Do remember to take care of those baby hairs on the back of your neck.

Piecey Pixie

Are you in love with the pixie haircut? Woo, the crowd with this faux-hawk look. Using your favorite wax product set the hair high in a controllable style. Now walk up to the altar confidently.

Defined Curls

No bride can ever go wrong with this hairstyle. Put your curling iron to work and create this perfectly curly hairstyle. Regardless of the wedding dress style, this hairstyle will perfectly blend in with your wedding outfit for sure.


A bride in a braid is a sight to sore eyes. Imagine how cute it will look on short hair? Cuteness overloaded! Mix a few curls to complete the look and make it more wedding suited.

Loose Curls

This is the perfect hairstyle for all the brides out there with short hair. Create this super bouncy look and stun the crowd.

No matter how you style your hair on your big day, remember this, you will be loved!

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