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The role and etiquette to be followed by the bride and the groom at their wedding are known to almost everyone. Traditionally, there are many etiquettes that the parents of the bride ought to follow at a wedding as well. However, that does not mean there are no wedding etiquettes to be followed by the parents of the groom. Instead, the groom’s parents prefer to take up equal or larger responsibilities these days. Below are some in-depth details regarding the traditional wedding responsibilities of the groom’s parents.

The Duties of the Groom’s Parents

In most cases, the groom’s parents will have only a little knowledge when it comes to proper etiquette to be followed at their son’s wedding. The main reason for this is the trivial role that they had usually in the past traditional wedding customs. So, it is necessary for you to know the nitty-gritty of the traditional wedding rituals.

As the first step, you can ask your son regarding what he and his fiancée are expecting you to do at their wedding. This is really important since the wedding customs varies in different places. Even though they too are new to this and might not be well aware of the customs, they will surely appreciate your willingness to actively participate in their wedding.

Some of the responsibilities that you must consider as the parents of the groom before and at the wedding ceremony include the following.

  • Taking the first step and contacting the bride’s parents to congratulate them on their children’s marriage and to arrange a meeting in order to discuss further steps
  • Organizing the rehearsal dinner
  • Standing in a line along with the bride’s family in order to welcome the guests to the wedding ceremony
  • Helping the bride and the groom to finalize the wedding guest list, and if required, providing them the address of your special guests
  • If you want, throw another engagement party after the one that is hosted by the bride’s family

One of those traditional wedding etiquettes say that the mother of the groom must never wear a white outfit or anything with neutral shades to the wedding. This is because such an outfit can steal the limelight from the bride. Additionally, make sure that you have talked to the bride’s mother about your wedding outfit so that both of you will not end up in choosing something similar.

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