Wedding Party Gift Ideas for your New Daughter-in-Law

Wedding Party Favors
Wedding Party Gift Ideas
Wedding Party Gift Ideas

Marriage is one of the important milestones in the life of a person, as well as the people they hold dear. The role of the groom’s parents was traditionally less significant during such occasions, but newer trends have emerged in the past decade. These days, a lot of parents have to prepare for playing a significant part in their son’s wedding ceremony. The best thing parents of a groom can do, of course, is to be fully supportive of both him and the bride. A wedding would undoubtedly be a huge thing for the latter, which means there is typically a lot of tension that needs dispelling during the ceremony. Showing support and affection towards your daughter-in-law would go a long way towards making her feel more welcome and comfortable.

Sometimes, the bride may feel uncomfortable when new family members hug her, since she is not familiar with all the people she is meeting and greeting. Sometimes she may not be mentally prepared to digest all the signs of change. In such situations, the best tack is to let her get comfortable in her own way. You can show acceptance in a number of ways, such as giving wedding party gifts. Just be aware of her any dislikes and allergies before choosing gifts though.

Wedding Gift Etiquette

Traditionally, it used to be proper etiquette for parents of the groom to finance the rehearsal dinner. On such an occasion, they would usually shower a number of gifts on the bride as well as her parents, as a token of acceptance and joy. In some cases, gifts are sometimes given even on the morning of the wedding. In addition, grooms’ parents often also funded wedding expenses covering wedding flowers, honeymoon, wedding cake, reception party, etc. These days though, it is totally up to the couple who pays for what. Millennial couples usually divide all wedding expenses equally between each other. Still, a gift to the bride from the groom’s parents holds a lot of sentimental value, and is always at the top of the list. If you are confused about what to choose for your would-be daughter, below are some of the best wedding party gift ideas to consider.

A Unique Photo Album

Photo albums are one of the best wedding party gift ideas. You can think up unique ideas, such as a printed album that displays photos of the bride and the groom from childhood to the present. This would surely bring a big smile to her face. Make sure to include every beautiful moment you can from her life inside this album. Seek help from her close friends and parents if you need to. Furthermore, consider creating a customized photo album. In such an album, you can add music, fabrics, gems, and decor related to the bride’s life.

Memory Box

One of the most beautiful and emotional wedding party gifts you can give to a bride is a memory box. Try including every single thing that was close to her in this magic box. Some options that you can consider for this are childhood photos, stuffed toys, favorite dress, jewelry, notes, artworks, awards, and certificates. Throw in something that symbolizes her relationship with your son as well, and add a letter from your side which expresses your love and emotions towards her. The couple can treasure this memory box for the rest of their lives, and maybe even pass it on in their own family.

A Tour Package

Almost every newlywed dreams about escaping to a foreign country and spending a few romantic moments together after the tedium that a wedding normally carries. Gift your daughter-in-law a honeymoon tour package, and melt her heart in the best possible way. You would be doing your son a favour as well, by letting him save up for other important things down the line like a house, car, etc. At any rate, make sure of the places you pick among, and see that these are not just interesting, but also romantic. At the end of the day, you want the kids to have a good time.

A Shared Hobby

Gifting a shared hobby to the bride is one of the best ways to make her bond with your son even stronger and healthier. With this gift, the two would naturally spend more time together. Needless to say, they would be thankful to you for adding this to your list of wedding party gift ideas. List out the hobbies of the couple and shortlist the common ones. Then, decide on one they enjoy at a remarkable level, such as movies, sports, high-end spa, gym, sports club, etc. Give gifts based on this; for instance, if they are more of an outdoor couple, you could gift them a bicycle, camping gear, or a branded backpack.

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