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Weddings are regarded as one of the most auspicious and happiest occasions in the life of almost every couple. However, it can be equally hectic and exhausting as well at the same time. Undoubtedly, staying calm and happy while looking after a sea of wedding preparations such as wedding party rentals, decorations, wedding party favors, wedding cake, etc., will be almost impossible. This explains why you need a maid of honor to have your back. Rockher shares some tips that can help you choose the perfect maid of honor.

Choosing the perfect maid of honor

Even though having the perfect maid of honor to look after the preps of your big day is a boon, the task of selecting the best option can be indefinably challenging. Note that all your friends and relatives will be eagerly waiting to fill in this elite position. Things tend to be tricky if you like to play favorite among your family and friends. Of course, you would like to consider nothing but the best person for this VIP post but without hurting the feelings of your loved ones. If you are also wondering about the ways to select the best maid of honor for your special day as kindly and tactfully as possible, you may refer to the helpful tips given below.

Who is your closest person?

Almost every person will have that one family member or friend who they are closest to. Most probably, it will be the person that just popped in your mind as you read the above-mentioned question. Do you have such a friend? Then, she is the best candidate to be your maid of honor. If your inner circle already knows about your special bonding with this person, things will be even easier since they will be prepared to deal with this most obvious choice.

Who can handle the job?

It is obvious that only an active and smart person will be able to nail the responsibilities of the maid of honor. Hence, there is nothing wrong in showering the honor on someone elseif your best friend is not up to the point. In fact, the latter will be with you in your decision. Furthermore, if you do not have that one best friend but have a group of best friends, things will be a bit tricky. If you are not able to pick one member from your girl squad, you must talk openly to your friends and tell them the duties or tasks you are expecting your maid of honor to do.

Keep in mind that the maid of honor will have to invest a significant share of her time and energy in the whole wedding process. So, ask your friends whether they will be able to manage their time schedules accordingly. On a related note, many of your friends will have to tend to their demanding careers or family obligations keeping them from fulfilling your requirements. So, you can filter your choices to a great extent by being upfront with your peeps. This will also give your best friends a chance to back out if they are not confident enough to take up the responsibility.

Who lives closest?

If you are looking for a practical qualifier to shortlist your maid of honors, you can consider the ‘closeness to your place’ factor. Sometimes, your best friend will be perfect to nail all the responsibilities of the best maid of honor. Nevertheless, what if she lives across the country? Needless to mention, even though they will be able to contribute to the wedding planning ideas, they will not be accessible to help or support your bridesmaids with certain details and other festivities making them unsuitable for the position. It is, undoubtedly, disappointing that you cannot choose your best friend as your maid of honor just because of the distance between your places. Still, this factor makes the best sense logistically.

Can your girls take turns?

In case you are adamant that you need to include your bestie in your wedding planning, check whether she can take a turn with any of your accessible friends. This way, she can manage some of your wedding responsibilities that can be handled virtually while your local friend can manage all the on-site duties. This is a great way to consider if you have multiple best friends as well since you will not have to hurt or disappoint anyone in this case.

After all, there is no rule regarding the number of maids of honor a bride can pick. Anyhow, make sure that all your maids of honor are compatible with each other to avoid any kind of cold vibes on misunderstandings on your special day. Plus, they will be able to handle all the responsibilities efficiently by splitting it equally.

Do you really need a maid of honor?

It is your wedding and every moment ought to be treasured for a lifetime. Hence, it is recommended to follow your heart rather than blindly following the traditions. Do you find it stressful to choose one person to fill in the elite position? Do you have too many friends that it will be practically impossible to make all of them your maids of honor?

Do you feel that picking one maid of honor can cause a rift among your friends? Is your answer to all the above-mentioned questions is yes? Then, it is recommended to avoid this tradition. Instead, ask your bridesmaids to share the responsibilities making all your friends a significant part of your D day but without a title.

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