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Guests are an important part of any wedding, as they make your big day special. They show their love and support for you by their presence and so you should also make them feel special. Here are some fantastic ideas to impress your guests and to show them your gratitude for being with you on your special day. Apart from the wedding party favors, these are wonderful choices to leave your guest speechless.

Give them a note to show your gratitude

You can give a note to your guests to show your gratitude towards them for attending your wedding. You can do this during your after wedding party. If you have enough time and patience you can write a small hand written note to your guests. If you want to surprise them place the notes on the table where they are seated for the reception.

Take a group photo

Capture a group photo including all your guests. This is a good way to make them feel recognized. It will be fun to line up with your guests and pose for a photo, while mingling with every one of them.

Make the rounds

Try your best to see every one of your guests personally. You can visit them at their table during the reception and the guests will be really happy when you address each of them in person. If you have a large number of guests this will be a difficult task. But try to chat with as many people as possible.

Prepare a short thank you speech

Prepare a short speech to say thanks to your guests. Tell them how much their presence mean to you. You can specifically mention the names of some people, like your close relatives or best friends, to make them feel more special.

Wedding favors

Give some gifts to your guests. Whether it is a small gift like handmade cookies or some expensive gifts like a bottle of champagne, your guests will appreciate the gesture irrespective of its value.

Give them a ride home

Show your gratitude by arranging transportation facilities to your guests. Arrange a shuttle service to get your guests to and from the location of your wedding. If you cannot afford this, then select a venue which is easily accessible by public transportation faculties or set up a person to help the guests with calling and hailing cabs.

If you want to impress your guests on your big day try out these simple techniques. You will be able to acknowledge their presence and show your gratitude for the support they gave you on your special day. Make your guests feel recognized and they will remember it for a life time.

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