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Each wedding style seems to have a unique language – one of its own, and there seem to be a lot of confusion and questions in the minds of people who are getting married. Here are some of the most popular theme-based wedding ideas.

A Traditional or Classic Wedding

A traditional or classic wedding is mostly a formal style of wedding that includes a three-course dinner at the reception of the wedding, and the wedding markers mostly include the couple who marry at churches. The bride would mostly be wearing a traditional style dress, mostly in the style of princess-ballgown of white color. The groom would mostly be wearing a black tuxedo, and the groomsmen would generally wear formal suits. The bridal party would mostly be having many members including junior bridesmaids, ring bearers, flower girls, ushers, and page boys.

Formal celebrations are mostly seen in traditional wedding and they mostly include many wedding dress styles, wedding photos, cake cutting, first dance, bouquet toss, and speeches. There would be many further cultural traditions that would be related to the ceremony if the couple is getting married in a church. Once the wedding ceremony starts, the bridal party would mostly be waiting in a receiving line which makes each one of the guests to come past one by one to congratulate the couple.

Contemporary Elegance

A contemporary wedding is yet another occasion that is formal. Though it may have foundations and touch of classic weddings, it also has contemporary twists which can be modern design choices like the non-traditional venue or non-traditional dress for the wedding. It would mostly be having a modern take on styling, decorations, flowers, and invitations.

Essentially, it is a classic wedding that has trend-focused and elegant choices of styling which makes the overall theme and mood of the wedding a little contemporary than the traditional counterpart of it.

Contemporary weddings will have all the formalities like speeches and sit-down dinner that are present in a traditional wedding. It includes all key players such as bridesmaid, flower girls, groomsmen and page boys in the bridal party as well.

Vintage Style

Most of the vintage style weddings are referred to as the Victoria era and also to the 20s or 40s. The vintage theme is expressed through the wedding dress, hair and makeup that is worn by the bridal party. The styling of the venue, floral and decoration choices are also the major deciding factors.

A vintage wedding might or might not include a sit-down dinner, but cocktail weddings are more applicable to the vintage theme as cocktail parties were the most celebrated during the 20s. Vintage wedding cars, jazz music, vintage style venues, vintage photo booths are some excellent ways for enhancing the vintage theme. Even though vintage weddings can be formal occasions, it might not include every member or traditional formality of the bridal party.

Romantic Vineyard

Vineyard weddings are usually the visual celebration of the natural surroundings. The ceremony would most probably be held indoors or outdoors and the elements used for styling often would reflect the landscape that is surrounding. A vineyard wedding mostly mixes well with the choices that are used for styling and the rustic elements.

These weddings mainly focus on food, wine and also local produce making it a sit-down dinner most often. Vineyard weddings can be formal or informal, and it depends on the decision of the couple of honor, and the key players in the bridal party are also present.

Rustic Wedding

A rustic wedding style is mostly a theme for styling that is been inspired by the simplicity factor of the country life. It mostly includes rustic elements like timber, flowers, natural bouquets that are unstructured, metal, etc. This type of wedding is mainly held in venues like vineyards, barns, outdoors and sheds. The reception of rustic weddings would mostly have a ceremony, reception and a sit-down dinner at the same location.

Even though some formalities might be present, rustic weddings are laid back and are quite relaxed. The couple can choose to have many, few or no members for the bridal party.

On the Beach

Beach weddings are occasions that are most relaxed in nature, and quite often, guests do not need to wear clothes that are very formal. Most of the beach weddings would incorporate a ceremony on the beach followed by a reception at a nearby venue.

There would be many couples who like to take their wedding in a relaxed manner, especially in wedding dress styles. Beach weddings might have a bridal party that can be large or small; some of the couples would also like to have an intimate ceremony on the beach that includes their family and close friends. These weddings can be sit-down or cocktail occasions that can include as many formalities as liked and chosen by the couple.

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