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Before choosing the style of dress to be worn, and the type of ring to be used, it is mandatory to fix the venue of the wedding party. In the older days, after selecting the place, the couples only had to select the food to be served. But now, they must plan on how the food must be served, because there are several methods of serving food for a marriage ceremony. The following are some of the common royal wedding party food ideas that can be adopted even for a cheap wedding party.

The Classic Dinner

It is a traditional style of dinner, where the guests will be seated around a round table and they will be served with food by the waiters. A three-course dinner is the best choice for a classic dining table and there are also people serving a four-course dinner with the same setup. The elements of a classic dinner are an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. The two protein course or a plate with both fish and meat are the common dishes served as the main course in a classic dinner.

The Buffet

It is one of the common styles used for serving food for a wedding or for an occasion where the number of guests will be high. In this setup, the food will be placed on a long table, and there will be attenders near every food item, to give a short description of the dish, and to serve the food to the guests. It is also common to have more than one buffet table, if the number of guests is more, and also to avoid long waiting for the food.

Food Stations

This style of serving the food has a lot of similarities to that of a buffet system. In this setup, the food will be presented on tables but there will be no attender to serve the food. The guests will be given the opportunity to fill their plates with the food they like on their own. The presentation of food in this system is different from that of a buffet system, because the food will be categorized, and placed on different tables, to enable the guests to take them conveniently.

Not only the three styles mentioned above, but there are also several ideas to serve food at a wedding party like the family-style, restaurant-style, etc. To create a unique experience, there are people who are arranging a food truck to serve food to their guests.

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