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Wedding themes are always made and personalized based on the tastes of the couple. If you are someone who is in love with music, there are many awesome ways to incorporate a music theme to your wedding. You would really be able to make your wedding day special by including your favorite song, artist or music genre to your wedding theme. Below is the list of ways to incorporate music to your wedding.

Hand-Written Lyrics

If you have a special lyric that reminds you of the true value of your relationship, then just put it everywhere you would be able to see it. It would be great, if it were both had written and framed, as it would remind you of your special bond with your spouse. You could place them anywhere including the table card to the display at the dessert bar.

The Wedding Gift

Gifting your spouse your wedding song lyrics would really be awesome. This incredible piece of sheet music could be framed and kept at your new home as a reminder of your big day. This would really serve to be a valuable token of your love. It would be a great idea to gift this at your wedding day or you could gift it on your first anniversary.

Song Request Response Cards

This is an awesome way to get your guests actively participate in your wedding function. The guests would be requesting a song at the beginning of the function. Just think of how lovely it would be if they would wait the whole night to see if their requested song is played. Furthermore, when it is played, there is no doubt that they would be rocking the dance floor.

Sweet Treats

It is really an incredible idea to create music themed treats for your wedding. You just have to ask your local bakery to make treats like ukulele biscuits, drum cookies, guitar pastries, and so on. They would be tasty as well as beautifully aligned with the theme. It would also be a good idea if you could incorporate the elements of your wedding into your sweet treats. This would surely bring a smile on the faces of your guests.

Rocking Party Favors

Mix up all your favorite love songs and gift this to your wedding guests. This would be a lovely wedding favor. You could mix it with dance tracks too, or other songs that are sure to impress your guests. It would be even better to list out all the songs on the CD case.

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