Tips to Maintain Intimacy While Planning your Wedding

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So, you are all set to walk down the aisle? Without any doubts, you would be still in your newly engaged bliss. However, this engagement euphoria is likely to diminish as it approaches the big day since the couple is likely to be busy with the wedding planning. While the pre-wedding events seem exciting and outstanding, it will be extremely stressful to organize all those celebrations well. In most cases, all these preparations, as well as the selection of wedding party rentals, will be on the shoulders of the couple of honor since it is their big day. After all, the ultimate decision will be theirs.

Even if you have multiple helping hands, the anxiety, stress, and the sense of overwhelm may play out in your relationship during this phase. Sometimes, couples tend to fight the most at this time or they may speak about nothing but wedding party rentals and other after wedding party planning. Needless to mention, this will hardly leave any room for a deeper connection. In other words, you will get an opportunity to explore different territories of your relationship while planning your wedding.

Why it is Important to Maintain Intimacy While Planning your Wedding?

At this time when you are neither dating nor married, things tend to be a bit different than usual. Of course, you would be dying to say ‘I do’ as well as to enjoy the bachelorette and wedding showers. However, being united in holy matrimony is much more than all these things. Note that you are going to embark on an eternal journey together that marks the biggest commitment of your life.

Your relationship or bonding at the time between your engagement and wedding acts as the foundation of your relationship. It will give you an idea of what is to come in the future. This explains the relevance of this magical time as well as the necessity to maintain connection and intimacy with your better half at this time. If you are wondering about the same, some of the best tips are listed below.

Don’t Focus Just on your Big Day

It is easy and tempting to talk about your big day and associated functions. After all, there are so many things to plan and you would be excited to be doing it as well. However, your amazing relationship is much higher than any floral designs, altar design, color schemes, wedding registry, reception dinner, etc. So, special care to limit wedding talks when together. In other words, it is recommended to forgo all your wedding planning for at least two days a week and spend some quality time together.

Otherwise, you may decide on a daily cut off time. For instance, 09:00 pm after which you will not discuss your wedding till the next day. Rather, use this time to discuss the things that you would like to do after the wedding, your job, etc. Furthermore, share your views about buying a new home or any other future investment. Most importantly, continue being curious about each other and always remember why you fell head over heels in love with this person.

Never Miss Out your Regular Date Nights

One of the best ways to maintain intimacy and connection in your relationship even amidst hectic wedding planning is to schedule your regular date nights. Some people tend to cancel their date nights when they get too busy organizing and preparing for their big day. Nevertheless, these date nights are extremely important to keep your romance alive.

Without any doubts, this will involve much efforts and time. Still, at the end of the day, everything is worth it. Note that never start taking each other for granted since it may ruin your relationship. So, take your partner to their favorite restaurants, movies, dance clubs and have fun. The key is to enjoy each other’s company.

Indulge in a New Hobby Together

Even though you are a couple, you are two individuals. Hence, it is not necessary for every couple to share the same hobbies or likes. While some people may have some interests in common, some may not. If you come in the latter category, it is recommended to find a new hobby that you as well as your partner can enjoy alike.

Make sure to choose something that can be used to strengthen your bonding; be it a simple cooking class or a race or hike together. Unlike most couples think, it is not necessary to wait until your wedding for taking such fun and exciting steps.

Express your Love

Since your better half has agreed to share his/her life with you, never stop expressing your love towards each other. In fact, this is extremely important to keep the spark alive. Note that amidst the wedding planning, you may hardly get time to do something unique or out of the box to express your love. However, you can always consider doing simple things such as texting about how much you love him, how eagerly you are waiting to be his forever, etc.

Additionally, you may write something romantic on a sticky note and paste it on his laptop. If you do not have even a minute to spare, simply say ‘I love you’ to your partner whenever you meet them. Furthermore, never forget to appreciate your significant others for their efforts and hard work.

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