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You can hardly find a girl who does not have equated their wedding to a fairy tale. After all, most of you would have romanticized and dreamed about your big day for a long time. Of course, the romantic stories of the Prince Charming and his princess may surely contribute to your idea of a romantic wedding. You are likely to be swooning over opulent wedding gowns, perfectly braided hair, floral carpet, dreamy background, fairy lighting, and whatnot. In fact, it has become a popular trend these days to incorporate the motifs and wedding ideas there were heard and seen in the fairytale movies and stories in real weddings. If you are also a big fan of fairytale weddings would love to take your regular wedding to the next level, you may refer to the points given below. Note that you cannot ignore even the tiniest detail while dealing with your fairytale wedding planning tips.

Make your invitations royal

The first step that marks the beginning of your happily ever after is the invitation cards. Note that you must design your invitation cards in a way that it perfectly reflects the theme. Hence, make it look incredibly regal. After all, you are going to marry your Prince Charming and things ought to be majestic. For this, you can consider shimmery paper, gold and silver decors, cursive font, an elegantly designed envelope, and last but not the least; a royal seal.

Play with dreamy lighting

The first image that may pop into your mind when heard about fairytale weddings will be their incredible lighting. This is the main point that you must consider while deciding on the wedding decoration ideas. Hang a number of twinkle lights and extravagant chandeliers all over your wedding venue to create a fairytale atmosphere. You can also consider flickering candles of varying lengths and unique handcrafted lantern to raise the bar as well as to keep it within your budget.

Make a statement using colorful blooms

Another important element that is indispensable when planning a fairytale wedding is flowers. While it is not necessary to go overboard with floral decors, it is important to invest in a statement piece. For instance, you can decor your altar completely with colorful and lush blooms. Otherwise, you can design a huge flower wall that caters to your wedding photo ideas. Additionally, use floral decors to create a romantic ambiance. Some options for this include floral centerpiece on tables, lining the aisle with seasonal flowers, a statement floral bouquet, etc.

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