Transformation of Rough Diamonds into Polished Ones

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Wedding Ring Styles

The process of changing rough diamonds into totally polished fine-looking stones is something most consumers do not know anything about, while they are in the lookout of wedding ring styles. As you might already know, most naturally occurring diamonds are obtained from the earth’s crust and are subjected to a lot of processes to enhance its characteristics which make them apt for using it on rings.

These different processes that are used for enhancing the diamonds are implemented by diamond manufacturers and cutters. It allows them to change rough diamonds into appealing stones with a lot of superior characteristics. But all these processes need so much attention as well as precision and hence it should be carried out in a particular set of steps. Here are some of the most vital processes involved in the process of transformation of rough into polished diamonds.


Planning is the first and foremost stage involved in transforming rough diamonds into polished ones, where the cutters evaluate the diamonds closely and thoroughly to decide how it should be cut. They often use three-dimensional images of the diamonds during the process for seeing the right angles to get the best color form the diamonds. Furthermore, this is also a stage that determines the most accurate cut that suits the stone and hence it allows the cutters to increase the brilliance of the diamond considerably.

While some stones would be suiting for oval-shaped diamonds, others might be suiting well for round cut ones. Therefore, it is very crucial to decide the best cut which suits the diamond before getting towards the next step of polishing.


While some of the raw diamonds are widely used in making single stones, others are good choices for making any number of diamonds. Diamond cutters who are experts in this field would mostly evaluate each trait of a diamond to decide whether the stone can be used for making separate diamonds.

During this stage, most manufacturers involve the use of tools that are handy like blades, lasers, and saws which are helpful in separating the stones into small pieces. This is often a very sophisticated process and if it does not go smoothly, it can make the stone not suitable to make good rings.


This process is also called girdling according to diamond manufacturers and cutters, and it is seen as one of the most important stages of the entire process. It is during this stage, rough diamonds take its real shape; the major tools used in this process include dop and lathe.

During this stage, the lathe rotates one of the stones while the dop rotates the stone. Digital imaging is incorporated in this stage as it enables the cutters and manufacturers to identify and speed of the rotations and the most desired dimensions. A diamond loupe is often used in this process for studying the attributes of the stone.

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