Unique Wedding Ideas That Could Make your Wedding Extra Special

Wedding Party Gifts
Unique Wedding Ideas

It is every bride’s dream to make her wedding unique and special. To do this, you would need to incorporate a lot of creative ideas in your wedding plans, ranging from offering wedding party favors to registering for unique wedding party gifts. Below is a list of ideas, which could add a special flavor to your wedding.

Pick a Side Game

In this fun game, you would be asking all your guests to pick a side, either the side of the groom or of the bride, based on whom they know. You could also give them badges, having the face of the bride or the groom. It would also be fun to conduct an icebreaker section by letting the guests ask each other how they knew the bride or groom. By the end of the game, they would be able to make some new friends.

Save the Date Cards

Giving your guests a “tie the knot” invitation is a very unique and budget friendly idea. Providing your guests these cards would be both lovely and would have sentimental value. With just a string and a colored card, you could even make the perfect card yourself.

Piñata Time Capsule

Another amazing and unique idea is to create a time capsule for your wedding. The container could be made by using decorative paper and cloth. Ask all your friends and family to leave their messages in the container and open it on your first wedding anniversary. This would be both an exciting and lovely idea.

Songs to Play

If you have no idea on which songs to play for your wedding day, then the best way is to ask your guests about it. You could add an RSVP line for that where the invited parties have to share their suggestion. This would help you collect a lot of songs for your wedding day, and you would be able to create a unique and one-of-a-kind playlist from that.

Fun Activity Packs

Providing a fun activity pack to the little ones would assuredly entertain them and keep them engaged. It would be a good idea to include paper, crayons, sweets, play dough, and other similar items. You could make it even more exciting by adding board games and tons of balloons to the room.

Bubble Wands

Using bubbles on your wedding instead of using confetti is also a good variation. You could provide bubble wands to all of your guests; it would be even better if you allowed them to choose the option they like the most, whether bubbles or confetti.

Hangover Survival Kit

Giving your wedding guests a hangover survival kit would make one of the awesome wedding party favors. You can even make this kit all by yourself, by adding headache tablets, mints, and a bottle of water to the kit.

Fairy Dust Instead of Confetti

Another interesting and fun idea is to use fairy dust instead of the common confetti. This would surely add an element of magic to your wedding and would be a distinctive idea as well.

Bottles of Olive Oil

If you are an enthusiastic chef or a foodie then this idea is just for you. This unique idea features giving flavored oil to your guests. These lovely and handmade oils could make your wedding day extra special. Olive oil not only makes a tasty favor, but it is also healthy.

Doughnut Favor

It is always fun to have a tasty snack at midnight. You would be able to create a perfect wedding favor by giving your guests a cute box containing single doughnuts. This is also less expensive compared to many other wedding party favor ideas. Moreover, it would not end up being wasted for sure.

Jenga Brick Guestbook

You could let your guests write wedding messages on a Jenga brick instead of a guest book. Ask them to write anything they want on it, so that every time you play this game in future, it would take you back to your wedding day. It would also be very sweet to get your kids involved in the game.

Leave Video Messages

You take your guests to a video booth and ask them to leave their wishes in form of a video instead of the written wishes. You could also make it look funny by creating your own funny rules for the video booth. It is also a good idea to give different tasks to each of the guests.

Polaroid Guest Book Idea

You would be able to create great memories of your big day with this wonderful idea. You could take beautiful and funny pictures of your guests with a Polaroid camera. You could also make it look more creative by adding your thoughts to it.

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