20 Wedding Day Superstitions you Should Stop Believing in

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Even in this new generation and lifestyle, people may come across hearing many superstitions. Regardless of the occasion, some people even believe superstitions and omens blindfolded. A wedding day is one such occasion famed for the number of superstitions that people take for granted. Given below are 20 such wedding superstitions that people should stop believing in.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue

This is definitely such a catchy rhyme, which you may not understand just by reading. So what does it mean? “Something old” symbolizes the bride’s past, wearing “something new” represents a couple’s happy future together, “something borrowed” is borrowing something from a happily married couple so that their good fortune will be rubbed off to the bride, and “something blue” represents love and fidelity.

The Veil

The veil definitely adds a finishing chic look to the bride’s overall looks. However, the story of veils dates back to the Greek and Roman times, when brides wore veils to keep away evil spirits who were jealous of her happiness.

Engagement Ring

There is no denying the fact that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but there are many gemstones that come next to it, pearl being one. However, it is believed that brides-to-be must not receive a pearl engagement ring because the stone looks like a tear.

Floral Crown

The Romans have an age-long belief, or in other words, a superstition that evil spirits will not be able to harm anyone who is inside a circle. From then, wearing wreaths and garlands came into existence.

Wedding Gift

Giving a set of knives to the bride and groom as a wedding gift brings bad luck to the couple and signifies a broken relationship. It is better not to gift a knife set to a couple on their wedding day; even if you do not believe in superstitions, they might.


Of course, weekends are good to enjoy, but Saturdays are not meant for weddings. According to an English folklore, getting married on a Saturday is the unluckiest thing that can happen to you.

Carrying the Bride

This superstition dates back to the medieval times when people believed that new brides are vulnerable to evil spirits. Hence, grooms use to carry the bride to their homes to avoid bad spirits.

The Elder Sister

If you are getting married but have an elder unmarried sister, then she would have to dance barefoot on your wedding, or else, take the risk of never getting married.

Dropping the Rings

Yet another terrifying superstition comes with dropping the ring. Be the bride or the groom, whoever drops the wedding ring will be the one to die first.

Clock as a Gift

According to Chinese culture, getting a clock as a wedding gift is considered a bad omen. This is because clock in Mandarin also means “the end”.

The Wrong Color

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It is believed that red, green, yellow, black, grey, and pink bring negativity to your marriage. Especially if it is red, it may represent “wish you were dead”.

Sewing your Own Wedding Dress

Brides who are Do-It-Yourself fans or fashion designers may want to sew their own wedding dress. However, a superstition says that each stitch you sew will represent a tear you shed during your marriage.

Crossing a Monk or a Nun

People say that if a bride comes across a monk or a nun on the way to her wedding, they will be cursed with barren life and poverty.

Using Married Name

According to superstitions, if you use your married name before your wedding day, then the wedding may not take place at all. If you believe in that, better stick with your surname until you say, “I do”.

Same Last Initials

A proverb says, “To change the name and not the letter/is to change for the worst and not the better”. This literally means that marrying someone having the same last initial as you is not suitable for a long lasting relationship.

Wearing Black

One of the scariest superstitions about wedding says that if a bride wears a black dress on her wedding day, it means that she will soon become a young widow.

The Rain

According to some people, rain on your wedding day is supposed to be a good sign, as it symbolizes unifying, cleansing, and fertility boosting. At the same time, some people believe that rain represents all the crying you will do after getting married.

Pregnant Women and Blind Guy

In earlier days, the groom used to send a trusted family member or a friend to the bride’s house for talking about the marriage proposal. However, if that person sees a blind guy or a pregnant woman on his way, then it was considered as a bad luck.

Breaking Glass

In Italy, newly wedded couples smash a glass or vase at their wedding. This is because they believe that the more number of pieces the glassware breaks into, the more will be number of years the couple will stay happily married.

The Ringing of the Bells

In old Irish wedding ceremonies, bells are rung during the marriage to keep evil spirits away and ensure that the couple lives a harmonious life together. Hence, bells are even one of the common gifts to give to a groom and bride.

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