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When planning a wedding, you need a reliable schedule that factor in countless things. Many couples operate at a total loss when it comes to such things, and that leaves a lot of thing open to going awry on what is supposed to be the best day of their lives. Following are some wedding scheduling tips, which can make things go smoothly while you enjoy getting married to the man or woman you love.

Leave a Time Buffer

Many things can go wrong when planning something of the scale of a wedding, so leave a 20-minute buffer between each planned activity. This will pay off if you are not able to get ready in time, or an old aunt goes missing at the last minute. You also get enough time to make any small changes you failed to think of originally, or simply relax.

Plan for your Receiving Line

Most couples walk down the aisle after getting married, and start greeting the people who showed up to the ceremony. The latter usually line up in what is called the receiving line, but if this is too long, you lose a lot of time just talking individually to people. If you are keen on addressing everyone in this way, make sure that you have the time to spare.

Plan your Family Portraits

These do not necessarily take up too much time, unless you botch something for lack of planning. Family formals are significant in many ways, simply because you do not get married every day with family around you. Getting awesome wedding photos is a must, so have a list ready of the people grouped according to what works best for everyone. Then, hand this to a no-nonsense uncle or aunt, after emailing it to the photographer, of course. To cut the time short, minimize the number of groupings. This way no one will need to impinge on photo time with the bridal party.

Go the “Up Front” Way

Pauses let people catch their breath, sure, but too many of these and everyone can lose their momentum. Have someone introduce you as a couple, and then walk over to the floor and have your first dance. Then the parents have their dances, after which the main entrée gets served, leading up to the cake cutting. Here, everything is ready beforehand, so you are not wasting time. You may even want to consider a “private cake cutting”, where the maître d’ takes you aside to cut the cake while everyone else is having fun, so that you get your special moment without having to stop the party.

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