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Among the many different wedding dress styles, the country style wedding dresses have gained much popularity in the present time. The use of the country style dresses for wedding can be observed as a trend now. This style allows for freedom with a bit of luxury, which makes it the choice of many. Here is a necessary guide for you to choose the appropriate country style wedding dresses.

Right Country-Worthy Wedding Dress

Genuine leather, nubuck, suede, and denim fabric are used to make traditional wedding dresses. But that doesn’t mean all dresses of these materials are country style dresses. Some of these materials can be wisely chosen which will also keep up with the fashion. A jacket over a dress, a bandage on the hair or shoes made from denim can all be some kind of country dressing styles. Also leather belts and boots can be considered a part of country style dressing.

Rustic Wedding Dress Styles

They can be vintage, boho, designer, coast or country dresses.

  • Vintage: The use of handmade lace is an important feature of vintage wedding dresses. The dress or the sheaths or even the sleeves can be decorated with the lace. This lace fabric cannot be a threat even in summer because it allows fresh air passage.
  • Boho: The Boho wedding dresses are made with linen, silk, chiffon etc. which are environment friendly. They give a gentle and romantic look with its high waist setting, lace and embroidery works.
  • Designer: The Designer rustic dress look like a combination of the country style, bohemian chic and the expensive outfits made by leading fashion stores. It is actually neither casual nor too formal.
  • Coast: The Coast type of rustic style gives the look of a pagan goddess to the bride. The dress is simple but elegant with lace flowers, crystals, ribbons and bows. Pearl threads, silver bracelets and small earrings are graceful with the dress. Also an appropriate shoes or sandals can be chosen. Ballet shoes or sandals without heels are preferable if not barefooted. Usually brides prefer short dresses with a tight fitting silhouette in the coast ceremony.

The sparkling effect of the dress can be increased by using sequins, rhinestones etc. Now that you have a fair knowledge of the country style wedding dresses you can purchase the appropriate one for you.

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